Jerome Meyer

SOUL#2 engaging the performers

Jerome Meyer

Voltaire, the great enlightenment writer and philosopher, once said, “Nobody thinks of giving an immortal soul to a flea.” Now, nearly 300 years later, the mass of accumulated scientific evidence suggests we may have to. – Robert Lanza, M.D.

Creative hubs exchange:
23 June 19:00-21:00

Premiere April 2018 Den Haag Korzo theater

With the start of this project we are engaging a dialogue between an actor and a dancer, between the action and the audience and ultimately between the audience among itself. The project aims to provoke an esthetical dance experience, inspire and stimulate intellectual reflection about audience’s freedom and free will and raise question about identity and the act of engaging or not engaging in the course of an action .

With Meyer’s statement – the audience as active co-creator- the initial starting point claims that the audience members needs perspectives and tools within its own creativity to challenge its cognitive perception as a group and as individual.

With the session with the group we would like to engage a conversation about expectation from the audience member point of view and how the audience member would like to be engaged and challenged in a performance. We would like to formulate question like “Is the presence of the audience already sufficient to be a co-creator?” How as audience member I deal with my desire and fear during a performance? What makes ultimately a remarkable performance? This will be a very small moment of our research towards the production of this project but we are looking forwards to design this session in three phases: a small showing of material, engage interactive physicality with the group and conduct a conversation with the aim to gather ideas that could eventually be develop later in the process.

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