Emovere “Emotional Expression in Dance”| Canceled!!!!!!!

Due to too little animo we had to cancel this workshop; please stay tuned we will reschedule for later this year

February 23 and 24 from 1pm to 6pm

A 2 day intensive about injecting the emotion in motion

Emovere is the latin derivation for the word emotion. Its meaning being; to move, move out or move through.
Which in essence means that dance IS emotion in motion

During this 10 hour intensive we wil go through the steps of creating a combination with emotion as the first step by going through the following modules to use as a tool.

– Put your head in the game
(facial expressions)
– Talk with your hands
(emoting with hands )
– Body Language
(embodied feelings)

We will work towards learning an Urban Fusion Bellydance combination incorporating each of the modules and using urban dance style techniques like popping, animation and tutting.

The modules taught during this intensive will also be able to be used on existing choreographies as an extra layer in your piece.

This intensive is for the intermediate to advanced dancer of any discipline or style. If you have an excisting combo or short dance piece, even better!

Price: EARLY BIRD (before February 10) : €125 for 10 hours
After February 10 : €140 for 10 hours


For registration and payment info : vle3rt7e@gmail.com