Short Contemporary Dance course | Maroula Iliopoulou

when? Thursdays 14/11, 21/11, 12/12, 19/12 

time? 18.15-19.45

where? Cloud at Danslab in The Hague ( )

address: DCR – De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b, 2518 RA The HagueClass

description In my classes, I like to facilitate a welcoming, energetic and encouraging environment for the participants.
The class begins with a playful warm-up to tune in with ourselves in space and connect with each other, preparing safely for dance practice. We will focus on floorwork technique through various exercises and dance phrases. There will be some exercises informed by Flying Low, a technique which was developed by David Zambrano. This technique focuses mainly on the dancer’s relationship with the ground, utilizing simple movement patterns, which explore cohesion and expansion and trains the body to move in and out of the floor efficiently with speed. Towards the end of the class, we are going to learn a longer dance sequence in which we will add more material each time.

Through this class, we train our body to become physically strong, alerted and agile. We become friends with the floor, learn to use our weight efficiently, play with different dynamics and work towards expanding our movement vocabulary. Nourishing our bodily awareness we move with a greater sense of our own bodies, the others, and space, but also with a greater pleasure for movement.

Are you looking for a course to develop your technical knowledge while you are having fun? Then this class is for you!

Expect to play, fall, spiral, roll, release, jump, connect, make contact, enjoy the pleasure of motion… Looking forward to meeting you on the dance floor!

*To book your spot contact: 

  • 52€ for full course (4 classes)
  • 42€ for 3 classes
  • 15 single class
  • (prices include 21% tax)
  • Contact Facebook: Maroula Iliopoulou Instagram: @maroulailiopoulouphone number: 0627334841

Bio:Maroula Iliopoulou is a dance artist, originally from Greece. She currently lives and works in Netherlands. She also collaborates as a guest lecturer at the BA in Dance Program of PERA-School of Performing Arts in Cyprus. 
As a performer she has worked in theatrical settings, site-specific performances and museum setting, with most recent a solo ‘Beneath her Eyes’ she performed at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, choreographed by Amy Toner. She has performed in choreographies of Rosemary Lee, Simon Whitehead, Hannes Langolf, Grace Nicol, Amy Toner, Ted Stoffer, Athanasia Kanellopoulou, Harry Koushos, Pil & Galia Kollektiv, Athens Video Dance Project, Off Festival in Brussels in a creation by Lisi Estaras & Nicolas Vladyslav and David Zambrano together with 30 other international artists.

Maroula holds an MA degree in Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance School. During the two years she lived in London, she worked as a regular teacher among other dance schools at The Place – Children & Youth Department. Before arriving in London, Maroula lived also in Belgium for two years, where she followed professional classes and workshops with various teachers and companies. Since 2012, she has been studying the contemporary Flying Low and Passing Through dance techniques from the founder David Zambrano himself through various intensives and workshops. As part of that study, she was invited for a prestigious one-month training in Spain. She has been teaching dance since 2011 in Athens, Brussels, London, Cyprus, Netherlands. In 2011 she graduated with a BA degree in Dance in Athens from Niki Kontaxaki Professional Higher Dance School and she has also graduated from University of Athens with a BA in Primary Education.