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Performance ‘Melchior, the passion of a red star’ by Billie Hanne

Sunday 29 March, 19:30, €8,-

“You are stupid!”, we told the watchman. We stole his key and locked him in eternal sleep.
There he bathed and looked younger than we could ever be.
Melchior did not disapprove, but busied himself with the World elsewhere.
“What can I do?”, he said. And we too saw he was better off taking care of his plants and horses, of his dahlias and sea star collection.I remember one of us pointing at the waves until they became transparent and we entered a new day.

MELCHIOR is a piece danced from the occurrence of a specific event in ancient times that is unimportant now, but in which we, the dancers, have taken part. The space in which new action is being produced is here and now and lightly threaded by the facts of common history, rather than the burden of it. The action itself is sharp and precise, a direct implication of the action that precedes. Words are spoken occasionally and reveal a poetry of place and moment, of brevity and ephemeral gravity before they are let go off and disappear.

Dance: Dezso Virag, Johnny Schoofs, Ilse van Haastrecht, Billie Hanne
Direction: Billie Hanne

Residency Antonin Comestaz

30 March – 10 April

Performance  24 May  19:30 Read more
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Host CLOUD Club 6th edition – Saturday 4 April, 20:00 Read more

Choreographer Antonin Comestaz will work with dancers Jefta Tanate & Inés Belda Nácher, exploring the spontaneous reactions of two different entities who find themselves in presence of each other in confined space, by mistake or hazard, against there will. One task will be to define the protagonists (which wont necessarily be “Human”) through there physicality and personality. Then, what situations will arise from the encounter? Which behavior will they adopt? Aggression? Affection? Mimic? Will they be able to tame each other? Antonin proposes a reflection on the mechanisms of the mind in presence of “the other”, the unknown.

Antonin Comestaz

Antonin Comestaz (1980) is a French dancer, choreographer and multidisciplinary artist based in The Hague (NL). He trained at the Paris Opera Ballet School and went on to dance with companies including Paris Opera, The Hamburg Ballet, T.T.M (Tanz Theater München), Ballet Mainz, and Scapino Ballet. During his tenure at these companies, Antonin has worked with renowned choreographers, such as John Neumeier, Marco Goecke, Rui Horta, Carolin Carlson, Ed Wubbe, and Jacopo Godani among others. Antonin’s artistic career has been forged by his ability to constantly explore and redefine boundaries in the various fields of dance, from ballet to neo-classic, modern and improvisation.

Antonin began choreographing in 2006. His works have since won a number of awards and nominations, such as for “Hand in Hand” (Nominated at The international internet dance festival SideBySide-net 2006), “Flesh and Blood” (Nominated at The International Choreography Competition Hannover 2008), “She” (1st prize for interpretation, 3rd prize for choreography, as well as Audience Prize at the Stuttgart Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival 2010).

Since 2013 the primary focus of Antonin’s work has been freelance choreography. That year marked the creation of his landmark cross-genre piece, “Out of the Grey”, commissioned by Korzo Productions in The Hague. It has since been performed in various festivals across Europe, and was selected to be part of 2014 Priority Companies by Aerowaves. His second venture in collaboration with Korzo was the 2014 creation, “Plastic Junkies”.

Antonin possesses a passion for drawing and music and has composed music for most of his pieces to date. His works often revel in the absurd & darkly comic expressions of everyday life and humanity, using his playful, quirky and highly engaging choreographic style.

Residency Keren Rosenberg ‘The Never Dry Land’

The Never Dry Land

Tuesday March 10th – Friday March 14th 

OPEN TRAINING Classes from Tuesday March 10th till Friday March 10th, 10:30 – 12:00
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Presentation on Friday March 14th, 17:00 See Facebook event

“It is the dark, inaccessible part of our personality, what little we know of it we have learned from our study of the Dream work and of the construction of neurotic symptoms, we call it a chaos, a cauldron full of seething excitations… It is filled with energy reaching it from the instincts, but it has no organization, produces no collective will, but only a striving to bring about the satisfaction of the instinctual needs subject to the observance of the pleasure principle.”
(Sigmund Freud, 1933, New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis)

For many years, ever since I was a high school student I was fascinated with the theories of Freud. Actually more than the theory as a whole, there was one word that had lingered with me from his personality Theory – This word is ID

According to Freud It not only strives to fulfill our most basic urges, many of which are tied directly to survival, it also provides all of the energy necessary to drive personality.

For the sake of this short residency I would like to investigate the various shades of passion as a means of observing and reflecting on Freud’s ID theory.

I find this strong and barley controllable emotion a great trigger point to take a deep look into our beings and the engine that drives us.

I am curios in experiencing what kind of physical properties can passion push out?
What is that dark place that Frued has been talking about?
How dealing with these ideas effects the environment we move in?

Tuesday March 10th till Friday March 10th, 10:30 – 12:00
Throughout the week I will be conducting morning classes, these classes will help us set the tone for the rest of the day’s exploration.  Classes are open to everyone who is interested in moving his/her body, playing with imagery, sensation and physicality.

These classes are open for dancers and non dancers
Costs: €7,- per class
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Workshop and Research Lab by Wilma Vesseur and Marchel Ruygrok (r-o-o-m)

Workshop: The sensation of movement
Saturday 14 March, 11:00-18:00, €60,- (incl. lunch)

The sensation of movement is shifting.  Shifting induces change within the space of the body or your body in relation to something else. We research change of weight, work on fluid movements and amaze ourselves about three-dimensionality of a gesture. A dance is also learned by moving yourself into it. Let us explore and enjoy in how that actually happens

By Wilma Vesseur and Body-Mind Centering®




Research lab r-o-o-m
Sunday 15 March, 10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00, 16:00-18:00

r-o-o-m investigates the reciprocal influence of space, physicality and movement and challenges those. r-o-o-m’s ensemble- and solo work is being developed through improvisation. r-o-om is a collaboration between Marchel Ruygrok (architect) en Wilma Vesseur (dance)

Registration not necessary
More informatino:

Afro Contemporary Workshop Simone Heijloo

Sunday 22 February, 14:00 – 16:00
Price: €20
Please register by sending an e-mail to
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In this workshop you can experience the mulitiple colours of the African and contemporary dance and develop your technique in this unique dance style!

With Simone Heijloo you will work with different excercises in African traditional dance, contemporary dance, Technique Acogny (African Contemporary dance), yoga and body work-out. In this way you will have a total expericience of African Contemporary dance and a good work out for your body! After we work step by step on a choreography to DANCE and have FUN! :)

Dance inspired Simone Heijloo already when she was really young. When she was four years old she started dancing classical ballet, jazz and modern dance. Now Simone works as a dancer, teacher, dance therapist and movement coach.

After her study dance- and movement therapy at Hogeschool Zuyd, Simone studied at the teaching department at Codarts (Dance academy of Rotterdam) to expand her passion for dance. Here she found out African contemporary and traditional dance and leaves to Senegal in 2009.  At l’Ecole des Sables she followed the stage ‘A new step’, conducted by Germaine Acogny. Since then she loves African dance and started following many internships including Ayaovi Kokousse, Youssouf Koumbassa, Anani Dodji Sanouvi, Nadia Beugre, Dobet Gnahore, Vincent Harisdo, Merlin Nyakam.

In 2011 Simone took the big step and followed the formation in African contemporary and traditional dance at l’Ecole de Danse Irène Tassembédo (EDIT), conducted by Irène Tassembédo in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.  After this formation Simone started working on different dance projects in Africa, mainly in Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. In March 2014 she joined the festival MASA (Marché des Arts Africaine) in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Now Simone is teaching African Contemporary dance in Amsterdam and around and works as a dancer and teacher on different dance projects in the Netherlands and Africa.

Residency Léa Canu Ginoux

TOTEM – a research on Laughing
by choreographer Léa Canu Ginoux in collaboration with composer-sound adviser Sharon Renee Stewart

Wednesday February 25th – Friday March 6th

OPEN TRAINING from Thursday February 26th till Wednesday March 4th
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Lunar Dance ritual in Den Haag in Transitie on Thursday March 5th, 19:30 Read more
Open rehearsal on Friday March 6th, 11:00-13:00

“TOTEM”, is thought as a double bill evening with Lea Canu Ginoux and Marjorie D’Amora, who are both co-directors of MEAARI with Geneviève Sorin. They have decided to work on a common thematic “freedom through constraint”, each of them making a solo of around 30min. The project is produced by their company MEAARI, co-produced by theatre de la Joliette Minoterie (Marseille) where they will have the première on 10th December 2015.

How the constraint of an unusual duration of laughter can lead towards freedom? Or how to open up laughter through a body research? How to commit to the main subject of this research: explore the states & qualities variations of laughing? (Sound states, body states, spiritual states). Lea wants to consider its construction like a composition sounds piece through a choreographical Open Form Composition.



Breath deeply, dance healthily, move & laugh gorgeously

Thursday 27 February, 10:30 – 12:00
Monday 2 March, 9:30 – 11:00
Tuesday 3 March, 9:30 – 11:00
Wednesday 4 March, 9:30 – 11:00

Costs: €7,- per training class
See FB event

We will navigate between “Body Motion Awareness-Listening”, rhythm & laughing practice. Through formal and experiential body training, we will focus on:
– a structural and organic connection of forms
– the dialectic between the body’s inside and outside input
– experiencing energy in its multiple layers

Furthermore, by exploring the breath as the source that leads the body’s motion, we will gradually reach an engaged physicality in a complete awareness. We’ll travel and investigate a freeing dance through centering movement, energetic flow, economic effort, succession, direction, clarity and creativity. The floor, as our partner, will be a tool to enter, awaken and develop the body’s intelligence : its organization, strength, flexibility, accuracy and honesty.

Sharing some paths of my research on laughing, we will give attention to our inner connection to its physicality, gently exploring ways for releasing our deepest laughter.

Body Motion Awareness-Listening practice is a playground for each person to stimulate his/her own movement and creativity while deepening the understanding of the body/spirit construction and its ‘natural’ technique or organicity.



Born in Marseille, Lea’s intentions and acts have been guided by that cosmopolitan port’s particular qualities : its infinite horizon and it’s appeal for traveling, the unknown, the other. She multiplies her experiences of artistic and cultural exchange, from her performer’s voice and her choreographer’s song. Performer/dancer, she has worked with diverse companies : Subito Presto (dance-visual art, France), Melk prod Marco Berrettini (dance-theatre, Switzerland), PØST Emilie Gallier (dance-installation, France/Netherlands), the Danshuis Station Zuid ( Tilburg, Netherlands) for the chadian humanitarian choreographer Taigue Hamed.

Léa is sharing her artistic work across Europe in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Prague, Iceland (Nordic House) and Africa (International Choreographical Encounters). She recently was nominated with her piece “Echoing Perception” at “1/4 de la jeune création” by Théâtre Nono (Marseille).

Today, she is associated choreographer at MEAARI and collaborate with Cahin-Caha (Marseille). Creation and interdisciplinarity are the major axes of her artistic path, which she essentially situates at the crossroads of various artistic fields, privileging notions of collaboration at the heart of her approach. She willingly convokes composers, visual artists, actors, dramaturgs, singers, inviting them to share creative projects and to confront their different practices and points of view. A strong artistic personality appears, with a certain sense of audacity, engagement, mixing delicate sensitivity and powerful concentration.

Residency ‘Space in between’ by Cassidy Carbine

January 13th – February 4th

Keep yourself updated on our website or Facebook about their workshops in which they share their research.

Improvisation #2
Sunday February 1st, 16:00 – 18:00  See FB event

Improvisation #1
Sunday January 25th, 
15:00 – 18:00 See FB event

Costs: donations for the studio rent or feedback at the end of the session (preferred!)

With an interdisciplinary collective  Cassidy Carbine examines the question “how can we communicate (our perception of) space and time through the human body?” They are interested in the latent, complex and alternant aspects of reality. Motivated to reach beyond the obvious. “With the prism that is our research, we uncover the colors hidden within white light.”

Cassidy is a freelance dance artist based in Rotterdam motivated by the question: why do we move and how do we share this experience with others, our collective selves, and the spectator?
Some statements of Cassidy on her research process:

“The perception of space and time is a uniting factor for our realities. While we inhabit the same space, our perceptions create our individual experiences.”

“I choose to work with a variety of artist to further understand difference in individual realities. By working with different artistic approaches we can explore the topic from many directions, utilizing each artist’s background and potential in the creative process.”

“A previous creative research I conducted explored how artistic minds explored movement: dancers and non-dancers. The next step is to create together, in an aim to communicate perception and experience.”




Residency Bridget Fiske & Stephanie Pan

February 9th – 13th

Morning movement warm-up: Thursday February 12, 10:30 -12:00
Presentation: Friday 13 February, 14:00 (registration required)
see for more information below

Bridget Fiske will be working intensively in CLOUD with multi-disciplinary artist and musician Stephanie Pan, investigating the potentials between voice, body and other sound/ music in choreographic process. Bridget will be testing new devising processes that will contribute to later stages of her Moving Dance Forward project.

This research project is less about working from an idea for a new work, but about having several points of departure that demand the development of diversity in process and approaches. This approach consequently supports Bridget to question her creative methodologies and philosophies as well as creating ‘signature’ outcomes. This project is ultimately about Bridget experimenting across a breadth of thought to become clearer in: her artistic interests, her communicative interests, and the processes that lead her to the creation of strong artistic content.

Photographer Matt Kowalczuk

BRIDGET FISKE is a British/ Australian dance artist (performer, choreographer, facilitator), currently based in Manchester, England. Bridget has recently been selected as one of the four inaugural Moving Dance Forward Associate artists. Commissioned by the Moving Dance Forward Associates scheme: a consortium supporting dance artists resident in the North West of England led by Dance Manchester and MDI in partnership with the Unity Theatre, Contact, The Lowry and University of Salford.

As part of this scheme Bridget’s personalised development and research project involves developing her processes for ensemble choreography. The multi-disciplinary nature of Bridget’s practice means that she is interested in her choreographic work asking questions relevant to practice in theatre, film, interactive media and music contexts. Therefore the ensemble work she investigates will involve artists with an interdisciplinary history/ skill base.

photographer Takis Papazoglou

STEPHANIE PAN is a singer and multi-instrumentalist, performance artist, and maker based in The Hague, specializing in experimental music, new music, and experimental theater. Her work is rooted in the search for pure communication; finding contact with the audience stripped of expectations and distractions, which speaks beyond the conventional limitations and constructs of language. Her work is visceral, passionate and intense, often exploring the limits of the voice and body. Stephanie has performed extensively throughout the US and Europe. She holds a Masters in Theatre from DasArts (AHK), BA from UC Berkeley in Music and Applied Mathematics, and First Phase Diploma, with distinction, in Classical Singing from The Royal Conservatory, The Hague.

Thursday February 12, 10:30 to 12:00
Bridget will deliver a morning movement warm-up and training session appropriate for professional performers of several disciplines (dancers, physical theatre and performance artists). The session will be about preparing the body for creative work whilst involving training that offers development in alignment, openness and strength.

PRESENTATION INFORMATION (registration required)
Friday February 13, 14:00
At the end of their week long residency at CLOUD Bridget and Stephanie will share very early stage processes and outcomes developed during this time. This very early stage research is a part of meta – new choreographic research projects by Bridget Fiske. Commissioned by the Moving Dance Forward Associates scheme: a consortium supporting dance artists resident in the North West of England led by Dance Manchester and MDI in partnership with the Unity Theatre, Contact, The Lowry and University of Salford.
Registration by mail:

Commissioned by the Moving Dance Forward Associates scheme: a
consortium supporting dance artists resident in the North West of
England led by Dance Manchester and MDI in partnership with the Unity Theatre, Contact, The Lowry and University of Salford.

Catch me, I’m falling! Study lab by Ilse van Haastrecht

finding ways of ramping down and away from the floor

In December Ilse started with her first sessions of Axis Syllabus hosted by CLOUD. This class is about different ways of distributing masses toward the ground and back up again. How do I deal with the kinetic or potential energy stored in my raised body when ‘falling’ down?

You are welcome to join me in another Axis Syllabus Study Lab. All kinds of movers are welcome : ). This time Ilse will be looking into different ways of distributing masses toward the ground and back up again. How do I deal with the kinetic or potential energy stored in my raised body when ‘falling’ down? We’ll be looking at sequential movement and how it can help for effective locomotion. We’ll also be studying the different landing and launching pads of the body, in order to find a safe stations on our way to the floor.

What is Axis Syllabus? 

The Axis Syllabus is an open resource pool for information about the human body in motion. The AS research community aims to compile knowledge and reference points to understand more of what it means to move in healthy and structurally supported ways. This information is constantly tested and updated throughout research and classroom experience.

Situations, contexts and challenges for the moving body keep changing and different bodies and their individual needs are various. Looking at anatomy, physics and bio-mechanics might help us to find ways into graceful movement.

Date: Wednesday 21st of January 
Time: 16:30 – 18:30
Contribution: donation for the studiorent

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Presentation The Invisible Dancer by Eline van Ark

The Invisible Dancer started last year as a residency at CLOUD. After two weeks of researching sound-dance with Mojra Vogelnik Skerlj, together with a group of visually impaired people, choreographer Eline van Ark presented the research in the studio of CLOUD and during the CLOUD Winterfestival.

Now Eline is continuing her Invisible project in the studio Tugela85 in Amsterdam, where she creates a dance solo for Aida Guirro Salinas, that can’t be seen, but has to be listened to. The whole audience is blind / blindfolded. Eline researches the possibilities of this set-up, watching dance with closed eyes, together with visually impaired people, and this time also with people from the neighborhood and (dance) artists. By opening up the working process to perspectives and knowledge of others, she’ll get a glimpse into how people experience this audio-dance, what the possibilities are, and what is needed to hear the dancing body.

The first results of this second phase of the project will be shared the 22nd of February. Aida will show a sketch of the sound-dance, which we will exchange our experiences about. And Eline will talk about the process and discoveries until now. Why listen to dance? How can you hear the physicality of dance, the moving body? And how can you transmit the musicality of dance through sound, without it becoming a bodily concert? And what is the added value of listening to dance? All these questions were discussed during the research, and will now be shared with you.

And of course we’ll close off with a drink and a bite!

When: 22 February, 15:00
Entrance: €5,-
Location:  Lokaal85, Tugelaweg 85, Amsterdam Oost

Visit the website and like the facebook page for more info and to stay updated about the project.

Tensegrity: Structures & Movement | Residency of Florencia Reznik

Florencia Reznik from Buenos Aires, Argentina will have a residency in CLOUD from 18 till 23 december 2014 and from 5 till 11 january 2015 and she is looking for people to participate.

The idea is open to anyone. There is no need to commit to the whole time, you can drop by the days that are convenient for you. Please an email her some days in advance so she knows how many people are coming.

The residency includes yoga practice every morning from 10 to 11:30 – a warm up and mind-set for the rest of the day’s research. Feel free to take a class and “pay” by staying afterwards for a few hours as a participant in the research group, or pay 5€ from 10 am – 11:30 am (afternoon varies in time)


Florencia will work on Tensegrity, proved to be a precise instantiation of the failure of the doctrine of functionalism and the triumph, instead, of a non-instrumentalized mode of invention.

What started as a marginal idea in the art field, was many years later used in architecture, medicine and biology. We are now putting this structural principle in movement through dance experimentation.

From *biotensegrity*, we pay attention to what connects all the parts of the body. We see the body as a whole. This approach considers the *fascia* essential to understand the body structure and its capacity to move.

Imagine that fascia is something similar to a fabric that covers our whole body. The tensegrity model posits that a single force in one part of the body will have an effect throughout the body. What would happen if that fabric covers not one but two bodies? Or more?

My interest is in how we (dancers, people) can enhance our experience of our body in connection to other bodies. In order to connect with others, we need to reach out, to move.

Trust is our relation with the unknown. Our body is physiologically prepared to be alert when it has to deal with something new, and this is translated into tension in the body. But there is something about letting go that allows us to move, to adapt, to be creative, and to connect with others. I think that *contact improvisation technique* can be a very useful tool to explore this.

I like to think of this residency as a research space-time. My background is in yoga, more precisely *Iyengar yoga*. Every morning we will start with a yoga practice that will bring consciousness to our body. With this starting point, the challenge will be to connect with other people through movement and contact. I am not a dance teacher. I will not teach how to do this. This is a challenge for me too. I hope that together we come up with creative strategies to do so.

After the yoga class, it comes lunch time (remember it is not advisable to eat two hours before yoga practice!). I suggest that during this time, we study *what is tensegrity, what is fascia, how is the body built*. I have reading material to share, and we can talk and discuss it.

Finally, during the afternoons, we will develop a series of exercises to put all this into practice. We will move with elastics, harnesses, fabrics and each others bodies. How does this movement feel? What can I do from here?* Let’s forget about the thoughts and the shapes, and focus on the joints, the mechanisms, the fluids that make strange noises inside us.

Last but not least, these topics are my main concern. But I am open to other things to come up as well. If someone has an interest that is somehow related to this, is more than welcome to share it!

— Flor Reznik

See Facebook event 

UZAZU: New class with Ilse Haastrecht

Morning practice.
Your body, a source of energy
A new body-mind methodology has been developed by Dylan Newcomb, who is also one of the founders of Danslab, the predecessor of CLOUD.

This class is an introduction to UZAZU and intended to be an energizing start of the day. You are welcome for an hour of easy to follow movement play, combined with breathing and sound. The archetypal movements of UZAZU offer a way into the variety of qualities we are capable of feeling and using in our life. Listening to how your body-mind moves with these ways of being can help to feel more secure, calm, vitalized and happy.

Friday mornings
: 9.30-10.30
Contribution: € 9


Ilse van Haastrecht is a dancer and movement teacher based in Den Haag. Specialized in conscious movement and dance improvisation, she is always looking for ways to invite people to listen into the present moment. Ilse has worked together with Dylan Newcomb, founder of UZAZU and founding member of Danslab. Since their research in 2008, she keeps exploring the ways in which UZAZU can help to unlock more of her potential. Ilse is a certified group facilitator and coach for UZAZU and is passionate about helping others to listen more deeply to what wants to emerge.