Movement Labs

Movement Labs
Depending on the resident working at CLOUD studio, there may be open training class(es) during their stay. Some residents organize daily open classes, others make it once a week. The open trainings are an opportunity to learn a little from the techniques of different choreographers. The level is always adjusted to the group.

Next up
Malik Nashad with Tangential Movement contemporary technique.
On the following dates from 9.30-11:30.

Wednesday 1 June
Thursday 2 June
Monday 6 June
Tuesday 7 June
Wednesday 8 June
Thursday 9 June

Tangential Movement is about finding new ways to move by permitting the body to move and stretch away from its source materiality–This class is about testing the extents of physicality without imposing codified technique, but playing with them in order to find new movement strategies and generation. The class will be based heavily in improvisation, and finish with phrase-material and stretching.


Costs: €7,- per class
Time: usually from Monday till Friday in the morning, from 9:30 to 12:00

Ways to keep yourself updated about these Movement Labs by our residents:
News posts on our website or on our Facebook page

Some of our teachers have been:

Marlieke Burghouts
Fazle Shairmahomed
Lorenzo Capodieci
Manou Koreman
Malik Nashad
Judit Ruiz Onandi
Keren Rosenberg
Léa Canu Ginoux with Release Flow floor technique and yoga
Jack Gallagher with Vigorous Risk – Bodies Anonymous
Jay B. Cruz – A Corporeal Proposal
Marta Reig Torres with Instant composition
Idan Sharabi – Idan Sharabi & Dancers
Svetlin Velchev with Floorwork
Thomas Kortvelyessy with  Bridging Technique
Damani Leidsman with Contemporary African Dance
Silke Mehler
Rocco Vermijs
Eline van Ark

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