LET LOOSE | Contemporary Floorwork and Movement Classes | Ivan Cook

Would you like to be a part of a creative environment to research, explore, create and play?

Let Loose | Move

Move. Play. Create. Explore.  

A movement class blending a wide variety of physical  practices such A movement class to get you moving, bending, squatting, jumping and rolling, just the way the human body was intended to. Blending a wide variety of physical  practices such as Mobility, Acrobatics, Animal locomotion’s, Mobility,Yoga, Movement games and much more in a playful way. Come create a better understanding of your body.

Let Loose | Flow

An extension of the Let Loose | Move class. Here we dive further into Contemporary dance, Floor work ,acrobatic dance and improvisation. Become more rhythmic, coordinated and balanced. We spend 4/6 weeks focusing and developing ones dance.

Let Loose | MoveWednesdayCLOUD / Danslab18:30-19:45
Let Loose | MoveSaturdayCLOUD / Danslab10:00-11:15
Let Loose | Flow
(Contemporary Floorwork)
SaturdayCLOUD / Danslab12:00/13:30

First timer offer | 2 classes: €10
Single visit: €12.50
5x pass: €60 (valid 3 months)
10x pass: €110 (valid 3 months)

Unlimited memberships (including online classes):

1 month: €75 (cancel monthly after 1 month)
3 months: €200 
3 months + 8 week online course: €270
6 months: €370
6 months + 8 week online course: €430


Phone: +31 627 974 584
Email: cookmovementpractice@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cookmovementpractice  
Instagram: @cookmovementpractice


Let Loose | Move

Let Loose | Flow