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Wednesdays | 9:30 – 10:15 | €45,-
Saturdays | 10:00 – 12:30 |

The 2nd homework Open Floor classes in CLOUD will start.Space, Time and a save inviting Open Floor to explore your dance; together, alone, wild, spacious, small and tender and all the movements in between. Explore, without any judgments, what moves you to dance and what dance has to offer you. 

Themes we’re going to take along in the dance are:

experience strength and stability, in yourself and in relation with your surrounding. Do you easily, let yourself be danced of your feet?
Or are you unshakable anchored in the ground?
And what movement is there in between?

activate settle
to activate; dance your body awake, gentle and careful, rhythmic,  wild, glimmer, purl, burble, murmur softy or firm.  Slowly sink in your movements, your story, or jump in with a clap.  Being overwhelmed by storys we make.… and settling there, in your body, your breath, your feet, the ground,  the movement, the emotions and the thoughts. Also when you’re higly aroused, being savely grounded in your breath, the ground, your feet and the rest of your body.

controlled approach
Where do I stand and where do you stand? Me towards you? You towards me?
What do I experience in contact with the other? How can I recognize my borders and my needs? How do they feel and how do they dance…
‘ I thought that I just wanted to dance alone the whole time and than all this together excersis: and yet, going in there, they brought me something new, a new insight, a new feeling, a new perspective…’

relax in your dance, Let go fysicall, emotional and the parentally never ending stream of thoughts. Just let it move trough you, like a slow lavaflow of thoughts… or a cool quiet river… or maybe they get hussled by the quick beat of the drums, shaking everything loose like mother hula shake her duvet… Letting go in de widest way… 

About Hester Slagman
Hester runs a practice for relationship- and movement-expression therapy. She practices 5 rhythms and Open Floor studies since 10 year and she is in training for Open Floor teacher and therapist. “To dance everything give me such a joy. Movement invites movement.  All feelings are move-able, movements inside your body and trough space.  All movement is dance.

To trust on what appears in my dance is to learn to trust my body and live itself.


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