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Taiji Quan

Wednesdays | 19:00-21:00 | €7,-

Taiji Quan is a an ancient Chinese healing art and martial art which combines movement with breathing and energy circulation techniques for life energy (Qi). The root of Taiji Quan is in the ancient Chinese philosophies of Yin en Yang and the theory of five elements (Wu Xing). Learning Taiji Quan entails the integration of mind, Qi (life energy), and body.

First class for free.

About Serge de Goeij from Long Teng Taiji
Serge de Goeij is a student of Grandmaster/ Sifu Fei Baonong of Long Teng Wushu / Taiji. He is educated in Yang and Chen style Taichi Quan, Qigong as well as several other traditional Chinese Martial Arts styles( or Wushu). He has a blackbelt in Judo and several years of Jiu Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do training and fighting experience. Within the Chinese Martial arts he is also trained in several traditional weapons. The Taiji classes at CLOUD/Danslab focus on Yang Family style taijiquan and the Fei family style Qigong. The lessons stick close to the traditional teachings of Grandmaster Fei with attention for the individual with a focus on solid and meaningful progress. The lessons are open for everyone with interest and the motivation to learn.
Contact: 06-24637808

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