The Movement Playground

Wednesdays 19:00 – 21:00
7 – 21 June

You are invited to a playful movement journey. Creating an open and safe place where people can physically express themselves and play around with different ideas and tasks. Katarina den Wouwer will be guiding the workshop using different improvisation and meditation tools. Meditation helps us to enter a space of awareness and sensitivity. So you can fully connect with your body, inner state and surroundings. The improvisations tasks will allow you to play around with a certain idea to embody. How can we connect totally with our body and inner state? How is the inner state affected by the surroundings (music, energy, space, other people etc)and how is that translated into
movement? Allow yourself to surrender totally and let your body move in its own unique way.

Key words:
Movement, research, playfulness, meditation, curiosity, connection, intuition, surrender
Prce: 10 euro per class
Katarina is a 23 year old playful soul who is passionate about transformation through dance, meditation, nature and self-awareness. She was born in Belgium and has been living in the Netherlands for the past four years dancing for the Netherlands Dance Theatre. At the moment she is slowing down her career as a professional dancer to create space for a new chapter in her life. In the process of discovering her natural pace in life. To satisfy her hunger for both inner and outer exploration, she wants to invite others to join her on the journey!