Sundays 18:30 – 21:00

Voguing is a dance style that emerged from Black and Latino queer and trans communities in New York in early ’60s. The vogue community has (thankfully) expanded to Europe– come learn the history of the ballroom scene, and the dance style itself!

Thanks to the support of the Hang-Out 070, an LGBTQAI+ organization based in the Hague, we will have two styles of voguing taught at CLOUD: Old Way and Vogue Fem.

Marina Ultra Omni, the Overall Eurasian Mother of the House of Ultra Omni, will be teaching Old Way.  And Typhoon Angels, the Father of the Kiki House of Angels, will be teaching Vogue Fem.

The styles will be taught on alternating weeks- Old Way is taught the first and third Sunday of the month, Vogue Fem will be taught on the second and fourth Sunday.

Costs: €5,- per class

Time: Door open at 18.30, class begin at 19.00.
What do bring: Comfortable clothing and a fierce attitude.

More about The Hang Out 070 here
The Hang Out 070 FB

Vogue Old Way by  Marina Ultra Omni

Vogue Femme by Typhoon Angels