Platform for Movement & Performance

Please check our calendar and follow our weekly movement classes schedule . We hope to see you!

CLOUD/Danslab is an initiative that supports research and the practice of dance and multi disciplinary performance. CLOUD/Danslab provides a physical space and freedom for residents to develop their ideas. Artists from around the world come to work and deepen their processes, before the actual production of their new artwork. CLOUD/Danslab also hosts workshops, expert meetings, movement classes and many other events.

Everyone is welcome to work at CLOUD/Danslab! You may have a project for a residency, or a workshop or a class, or you might be simply looking for a studio to rent for a friendly price.

CLOUD/Danslab is a self-organized group of enthusiastic people working on a voluntary basis and making this space possible. The team facilitates an environment for artists to research with absolute freedom and to share their process in a public session (at any time of their residencies). These sessions contribute on one hand to the individual process of the resident, and on the other hand, to the education of a broader public.

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Photo by Fatih Yükler