The studio

Luminous open platform for classes, workshops, showings, presentations, seminars, community projects, dinners, parties, performances, debates and expert meetings.

For who?

Anyone who wants to learn, exchange and share about dance, movement and performance art -and all what relates to that- is welcome to join in the activities in CLOUD. Classes and workshops are open for everybody who is curious (neighbors, politicians, musicians, visual artists, dance professionals), research presentations give an insight in the kitchen of the residing artist, and our get-togethers are highly inspiring for people who would like to exchange about the latest avant-garde thoughts about current issues in dance and related arts (such as art in the public space, online sharing, and community building).

So if you’re looking for a place as a participant in dance (related) activities, as an audience member to share your thoughts and contribute to the research process of the maker, or if you’re an artist looking for a community of dance audience and professionals to share and exchange, come to CLOUD, there is always something interesting happening for you :)

CLOUD Partners are important members of CLOUD who we support in artistic entrepeneurship and who rent the space on a regular basis and organize classes. If you are interested in becoming a CLOUD Partner please mail us to receive more information about availability and options:
From February 2016 CLOUD/Danslab is open for new partners.

The studio’s area is 100 m2 with an office/kitchen of 30m2 and it’s located in the DCR:

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b
2518 RA Den Haag