Shake movement class

Do you feel like being physical and connect to your sensation with movement?

Together we will breathe, shake, stretch, spiral, interact, improvise duet or solo, recharge and celebrate our bodies.

Accessible for everyone with an open mind.

Join us for just over an hour to explore your senses with movement, in an immersive journey led each time with a new focused intention. 

I will guide us through the hour and the cycle of 13 experiences.

During these classes we open a space of freedom, feeling and connection on different levels, we create a space of physical exploration, we open a world of sensation, a playground, creating authentic and ever new movements, connecting to our inner music, energy and presence.

Here you can expect to dive into your own mastery of free flow.

Jerome has danced in world renowned companies such as Batsheva dance company, NDT, Scapino ballet and his own company. He has developed a unique narrative with body, mind and energy workouts.

Every Monday starting Sept. 5 2022 throughout December 5

(24 October free) 

Cycle of 13 classes 115€
Student 45€
Drop in 12€

Let’s dance our 50 shades of energy

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