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Date(s) - 16/02/2019
19:00 - 20:30



Over the last years I have created a
performance instrument in Max/ MSP to
improvise with rhythmic patterns. Time can
shrink and expand, patterns can morph, and
the temporal gestures can reappear in other
musical parameters that you can play with,
through applying algorithms and lists.

The idea to create this particular software instrument came from my appreciation for, and study of Carnatic music, explorations of Gamelan music and other, often non-Western, musics that live in a place where rhythm is approached with more sense of adventure than a 4/4 bar has to offer, as well as being inspired by the great beatmakers of our time. Using mostly percussive sounds, I explore each track within its own space / material / constraints, and can venture into abstract tapestries of percussion or mangled beats. My interests: testing the limits of memory and pattern recognition, defamiliarizing the familiar and vice versa, wavering between the natural and the artificial, intuition and logic, digital and
analogue, de-/re- programming of systems.
Besides solo performances, I play in a duo with bassplayer Trevor Dunn ‘Spermchurch’, and in another duo with Gerri Jaeger Grafwerk. I’m currently also working on my first performance with dance, with choreographer Louis Clément da Costa. This piece will premiere at the STRP
Festival in Eindhoven april 2019.

Presentation of the residency two weeks

Saturday 16 February at 19:00 at CLOUD/Danslab