Hilal Dance: Fluidity and Integration in Classical Sharqui

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Date(s) - 25/01/2020
13:30 - 16:30



Hilal Dance is a contemporary dance form based on the creative, theatrical and educational work of avant-guard artist Suraya Hilal. The dance is founded on a complete and holistic system of movement that resonates on many levels and traverses cultural boundaries. Its roots lie in the integration of eastern and western elements, intrinsically merged to produce a coherent and universal language. The dance uses the body’s natural dynamics that work with gravity, shifting the weight and harnessing the energy, promoting connectivity with lyrical and dramatic expression.

In this workshop, we will use the Hilal Dance language system on the lyrical notes of the Arabic Flute ( Nay) and the rich and subtle percussions of the Riqq and Bendir with renowned master musician Sattar Al Saadi . In particular, we will draw attention to the notion of connectivity and fluidity throughout the whole body and the energy flow, created from the roots of the feet along the legs, whole spine up, towards shoulders and arms, till neck and head.

Hilal dance awakens joy and vitality.
Open to all levels and background.

Costs: 40 euro
Registrations: lmdegaspari@gmail.com
Contact number for the day: Aisha 06 53 84 29 03
Information on Hilal Dance
This workshop is connected to a dance charity event chain called Dance for Anastasija,  Dance to bring Change, initiated by Federica Galli and myself, to sustain the 23-year-old Serbian Bellydancer Anastasija, in her battle for life. Anastasija , now cured from Leukemia faces high costs to undergo treatments to prevent a potential fatal disease. 
The netto income will be given to this cause.
For more info on the crowdfunding  contact : fed.galli@gmail.com