How slow can you flow

I always liked the contrast as a dancer. Especially the super fast and super slow movements. 

This made me want to open a new class. It happen after the Flow/Shake movement class but it is open for anyone interested in exploring the amazing wealth of slow movement.

This class is based on breath work with, as I call it, guided free flow taichi exploration. 

The class is meant to be a rhythm of a mediation mode, everything is slow, controlled but relaxed and the main focus is on listening to the energies within and around you. I guide you through the exploration. 

We end the session without any movement, simply observing our breath, relaxing our whole physical body and enjoying the state of being simply alive, connected with our deepest self and with space. This happens in a sitting or lying position. It is a rest and meditation moment, but it can be depending the session and the individual a very dynamic internal experience.

Jerome has danced in world renowned companies such as Batsheva dance company, NDT, Scapino ballet and his own company. He has developed a unique narrative with body, mind and energy workouts. He walk the talks as he is a partitioner of flow mastery movement for two decades.

Every Monday starting Sept. 5 2022 throughout December 5 


(24 October free) 

In this class we donate fro the studio use

Cycle of classes 30€
Student 20€
Drop in 5€

Let’s dance our 50 shades of energy

Enroll here with this QR or with this LINK