Residency Matteo Graziano

Matteo Graziano (1984) is a choreographer, director and performer with academic level and over 6 years experience with leading production houses in the Netherlands and Italy (Emio Greco PC / ICKamsterdam, DANSMAKERS Amsterdam, De Nederlandse Opera, P. Grassi). As a performer, he has 10 years of experience in contemporary dance.

In his choreographic work, Matteo is inspired by broad abstract concepts and themes from which he draws artistic research questions, (re)discovering the dormant layers of creativity in himself and his performers. He is comfortable in combining academic research inputs together with instinctual and poetic imagination. His performances are said to be ‘solid, physical and philosophical at the same time’ and that ‘give the audience something to think about, to discuss and to feel’.

From 6 to 19/8/2012