Residency ‘Space in between’ by Cassidy Carbine

January 13th – February 4th

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Improvisation #2
Sunday February 1st, 16:00 – 18:00  See FB event

Improvisation #1
Sunday January 25th, 
15:00 – 18:00 See FB event

Costs: donations for the studio rent or feedback at the end of the session (preferred!)

With an interdisciplinary collective  Cassidy Carbine examines the question “how can we communicate (our perception of) space and time through the human body?” They are interested in the latent, complex and alternant aspects of reality. Motivated to reach beyond the obvious. “With the prism that is our research, we uncover the colors hidden within white light.”

Cassidy is a freelance dance artist based in Rotterdam motivated by the question: why do we move and how do we share this experience with others, our collective selves, and the spectator?
Some statements of Cassidy on her research process:

“The perception of space and time is a uniting factor for our realities. While we inhabit the same space, our perceptions create our individual experiences.”

“I choose to work with a variety of artist to further understand difference in individual realities. By working with different artistic approaches we can explore the topic from many directions, utilizing each artist’s background and potential in the creative process.”

“A previous creative research I conducted explored how artistic minds explored movement: dancers and non-dancers. The next step is to create together, in an aim to communicate perception and experience.”