Residency | Essential Rights | Fernando Troya

2 – 18 December
Presentation | Saturday 18 December 17:30
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Exploring the impact of education in our present, the emotional load that is indirectly transferred to us from generations(fears, insecurities, traumas, patterns). As well as the relation we, as individuals, have with society. How much our lives are affected by the rush of society, things we must do or are expected from us?

Fernando is inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky (Danza de la realidad), Osho (Intuition, Freedom), Eckart Tolle (A new earth) among othrs.

The research includes a study of two fields, dance and acting. Therefore the result will be a mixture of both. A very physical theatre, or a very theatrical dance perhaps. We are aiming for something organic, simple and honest though. Taking as starting point and reference our experiences, and using them to find the right vocabulary to deliver our thoughts.

About Fernando Troya and collaborators
Fernando Troya as director/choreographer/producer and Quentin Roger, Gianmarco La Rocca and Arturo Vargas as performers/researchers.

Fernando Troya was born in Madrid (1989). There he did his education at the Royal Conservatoire. Right after he joined Staats Theatre Nuremberg for two years, and Staats Theatre Wiesbaden for one year, both companies based in Germany. In 2011 he joined NDT II for three years. And after became a freelancer working internationally as a performer, choreographer and repetitor.

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