Workshop|Moving Music | Maya Felixbrodt

1243454_origA workshop for musicians: instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, electronic musicians, from any genre, practice and level (professionals and amateurs are welcome).

Generated from the research of Laban Movement Analysis | Efforts branch in music

Led by Maya Felixbrodt

30/05/2016, 20:00-22:00
Contribution: € 7

– You can bring your own instrument and/or use your voice
– Movement artists, dancers and general audience are welcome as well
– Please sign-up in advance and include your type of practice (workshop is limited to 10 participants)

Music is movement of sound in space. The prime manner of communication, preceding verbal communication, is the movement of our bodies. Body and mind are two parts constructing a whole. The mind is usually assigned as the motor behind inner intention, which portrays one’s movement. Inner intention in daily life, specifically in this case – in music, sound (its composition, production and experience), can be reached directly through a physical and movement approach.

We will explore new way of approaching music and sound from movement perspectives: our movement and the sound’s movement. Without using common verbal musical vocabulary each can discover a rich palate of new possibilities for composition, sound production, practicing routines, ensemble work and communication with the audience.

The workshop introduces and explores with composers and musicians (of any genre, practice and level) methods for use of Laban Movement Analysis in composition and music. Alongside the theoretical knowledge, in order to explore direct relation to sound, practical exercises are applied, both with instrumentalists and musical materials of the participating composers.

This workshop focuses on the Efforts branch of LMA – Time, Flow, Space and Weight, and their combinations – States and Drives.