Residency Fernando Troya

‘Reminiscente’: Presentation of the ongoing research

1st chapter: ‘A Colossus’, finished – solo

2nd chapter, ‘En Calzones’, unfinished, first encounter – duet

Following the fruitful results of the first investigation for ‘Reminiscente’, which resulted in the solo ‘A Colossus’ we are ready to proceed with the second phase of the project.

The first part focused on Francisco de Goya’s work ‘The Colossus and the Disasters of War’. For the second chapter I intend to dive deeper into the themes of Goya’s works. Studying his oeuvre to use some of the elements that fascinate me most: darkness, ugliness, rawness, visceral imageries, that at the same time express the deepest human sensitivities.

It is an unvarnished aesthetic, stripped of the normatives of social conventions, the inner layers of understanding laid bare, ugly as the subjects of his paintings are, they are vulnerable as well.

There is, tied with Goya’s work, a continuation in the research of the other theme of the first part: Plato’s theory of Forms and more specifically the Allegory of the Cave. The description of two co-existing worlds that complement each other. A very simple story that tells so much about not only his philosophy, but our current world; submission, control, repression…

The presentation this evening comprises of ‘A Colossus’, the first chapter; a solo I created for myself in collaboration with composer Carlos Ema. And the results of the search for the 2nd chapter of the series of works ‘Reminiscente’.

Join us in our search for an ugly beauty, a beautiful ugliness.

Entrance € 5,00
Sunday 17 June at 19:30
at CLOUD/danslab

Concept and choreography: Fernando Troya
Performers: Arturo Vargas y Fernando Troya
Choreographer assistant: Quentin Riger
Composer: Carlos Ema

This project is being supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam, CLOUD/Danslab and Korzo.