III | Residency Teoma Naccarato, John MacCallum | 10-25 August

III is a long-term artistic research and creation project developed since 2014 by choreographer Teoma Naccarato (Montreal/London) and composer John MacCallum (Oakland/Paris), in collaboration with dancers, musicians, and designers across disciplines. III involves a collection of works for stage, screen, and installation, as well as workshops, residencies, and publications. Through the various modes of sharing in III, we appropriate biosensors in order to construct a context for intimate and uncertain encounters between performers, and with audience. III implicates visitors beyond visual consumption, towards shared touch, sound, and movement.

The interdisciplinary scope of our research in III seeks to probe the implicit values that inform interaction with and appropriation of technology in artistic contexts, and to generate strategies for working in collaboration with technology, and as collaborators across disciplines.  We propose a viewpoint that technology is not a mediator for interaction—something to be designed to suit a specific artistic goal—but is a collaborator with a frame of reference that must be thoughtfully considered as part of the discourse of the work.

Our current practice in III is focused on devising interdisciplinary performance experiments, traversing traditional to one-on-one performance, sonic/haptic/visual installation, and guided breath and listening practice. We use technologies such as stethoscopes, electrocardiograms, transducers, and handheld mirrors and lights to de-familiarize sensory encounters between performers, and with public. In this residency we will focus on emergent relationships within the interdisciplinary body of work in III, and further, invite audience-participants into the process through an open session in the early stages of devising a performance experiment. The residency will be documented with video and audio recording, as well as photographs and writing, to share selectively online.

III began in 2014 through an Artistic Research Residency at IRCAM, and has continued through partnerships with independent and academic institutions internationally such as C-DaRE (UK), CLOUD/DansLab (NL), CNMAT (USA), Djerassi (USA), Ex-Situ (FR), Synthesis Centre/AME (USA), and Tangente Danse (CA).

Further information on III is available at: https://iii-iii-iii.org

Teoma Naccarato, Choreographer (Montreal/London)
John MacCallum, Composer (Oakland/Paris)
Laura Boudou, Dancer (Marseille)
Ryan Kelly, Percussionist (Montreal)
Christian Smith, Percussionist (Den Haag)