Ellie & LO

Ellie &Lo – research  projet. 
Concept/ Direction Karine Guizzo
Performers Ellie Bishop , Lorenzo Capodieci 

“starting from improvisation, I want to develop a physical conversation, with a specific dance vocabulary: movements, wild and particular, rich in forms and dynamics, characteristic of dancing in a club( as starting point ) We work from virtuosity and competition – partly as a struggle, where each dancer shows its own way  – but also as an interplay and sensuality. 

Connection and intimacy with the audience is an important point in this project.ELLIE & LO can only be experienced up close and intimately with a small audience, who I consider – in an inclusive approach, to be part of the research project.

Karine Guizzo

Free admission, but limited seats available!

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Monday, October 24th – 5.30 pm

CLOUD/Danslab De Constant Rebecqueplein 20-B

Thursday, October 27th – 3 pm & 5 pm

De Nieuwe Regentes Weimarstraat 63 2562

Friday, October 28th – 7.30 pm

The Grey Space in The Middle Paviljoensgracht 20

Photo Robert Benschop