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Residency Barbara Ebner

From 11/06 to 22/06/2012

Originally coming from south Germany, Barbara is an artist, freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. During her dance and choreography studies at ArtEZ Arnhem, she developed a strong interest in collaborative work. She is working in a close dialog with colleagues, other art forms and fields outside of the arts with which a connection might seem farfetched in the first place. Together they are looking for a shared level of abstraction which enables the senses to join forces in the experience of art and life.
Her main fascination simply keeps on being movement, the body and the language that becomes alive with both together. The subtle and intimate qualities of performance in the present moment made her investigate more and more in the field of improvisation and instant composition – at the heart and potential of creative processes.

As choreographer and dancer/performer she is working in various often interdisciplinary projects and collectives mostly in the Netherlands in and around Arnhem; currently with Komma4, Poezie Plus, Walking Faces and CCCompass (a collective founded with Eline van Ark). Furthermore she is co-founder of LABSCAPE Barefoot Experiments, an interdisciplinary improvisation platform – since 2011 organizing a once a month experiment space for artists and everyone interested. In addition to that she is sharing her fascination and enthusiasm for improvisation and instant composition in her teaching, where she often works on bridging both contemporary technique and improvisation. Currently she is giving workshops and Improvisation/Composition at the Fast Track MBO education and the ArtEZ dance academy, Arnhem.