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Residency: Eline van Ark

The Invisible Dancer is an artistic research about listening to dance.

The aim is to create a dance solo that will not be seen, but only listened to. For the mapping of the audible area of dance we got help of a group of blind people and people with poor eyesight. After exploring and experimenting we’ll build a solo that will trigger the fantasy of the audience, to create their own imaginary dance based on what they hear Mojra doing.

Eline worked a week in September, and had a couple of sessions with blind people and people with poor eyesight in the months October, November and December.


The presentation triggered an interesting discussion, if you have 30 minutes, it’s well worth listening:



For a little taste of the working process, have a look at this video:


Great session today, with Anita, Emilie, Jessica, Thomas and Mojra Vogelnik-skerlj: