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Residency | Pilgrym’s Journey | Celia Amade & Marco Santos

5 June – 25 June

Performance | 23 June | 19:30 | €3,-

In this residency Celia Amade and Marco Santos address the question:

How can intellect and body live without being haunted by negative energies accumulated in the past, which stop us to be conscious of the environment we live in? How can we reverse those experiences to allow ourselves to live in the Present?

This work is thought for a dancer and live music which will be composed by Marco Santos and choreographed by Celia Amade. They will explore the physical entity that relates to the origin and development of an individual organism: ”physical existence”. To concentrate within the aspect of GROWTH within the process of an individual organism growing organically, purely biological UNFOLDING OF EVENTS involved in this organism changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level. This research is a reflection of their personal memories and how it has affected the person they are today. Also it address the influences of other human species. , and more particularly the state of human species at present.

About Celia Amade
Celia was born in Nice (France) where she studied at the Conservatoire Regional from 1995 till 2001 under the tutelage Jerome Benezech. She then furthered her studies at the Conservatoire Superieur of Musique and Danse of Lyon in 2001 where she obtained her Diploma in choreography in 2004. She joined IT DANSA in Barcelona directed by Catherine Allard,where she explored and performed the works of Stein Celis, Peter Zuska, Jiri Kylian ,Tony Fabre, Ramon Oller and Nacho Duato. Celia then joined NDT2 in 2005. She went on to work with Nederlands Dans Theater until 2014.During those years came into encounter with Gustavo Ramirez, Ivan Perez, Stefan Toss, Alexander Ekman, Lightfoot/Leon, Enrich Olvodaivo, Marco Goecke, Johan Inger, Azure Barton,Teo Saarinen,William Forsythe, Amanda Miller, Ohad Naharin and Jiri Kylian… At the time, she also coordinated and produced an existing choreographic project called Switch, for the dancers of the company (a platform where they could have the experience of creating themselves using professional tools such as the stage of the Lucent theater.) She created ‘Under the same moon’ and ‘Blink of an eye’ under this platform. Having left NDT, Celia continues to delve into her fascination for movement, art, the world, human kind in all its complexity. She follows her path of expression and sharing.

About Marco Santos
Marco Santos (Pombal, Portugal, 1981) is a musician and composer, having his base in the Netherlands. With strong roots in classical music, jazz and world music, Marco has been collaborating with many different artists and projects over the last 14 years. Besides working as a side musician, Marco has always been composing. In 2013 he released the album “”Ode Portrait””, presenting original jazzy compositions, with a modern, melodic character. At his moment Marco is working on his next album.
In Portugal, Marco has been active in projects related to modern dance, collaborating with choreographers, such as; Rui Horta, Clara Andermatt, Rui Lopes Graça and many others. Since he moved to the Netherlands, he has been working on modern dance projects in collaboration with Nederlands Dans Theater and the Korzo Theater.”