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Residency| Confluences: Experiments in Rhythms and Reading | Emilie Gallier, Teoma Naccarato


Residency from February 27 – March 5 + Workshop on Thursday March 2, 5pm 7pm

Two rivers spill into each other. Each body of water has a unique rhythm, temperature, and composition, so the process of mixing is gradual and dynamic. Confluence involves collision, resistance, and mediation – in context.  During our residency at Cloud, we will explore confluences across analog and digital materialities, through tactile gazing and listening between partners, and with objects. Using stethoscopes and transducers, we will play with how sounds from the body and environment can be (re)materialized and (re)distributed as haptic feedback in the surfaces of paper and skin.  We share practices that involve breathing and sensorial exercises as a way to tune the act of reading into  a tactile activity.  Additionally, we engage in experiential modes of writing (sensorial writing, the text as body, the sensing body reading, drawing, and writing), and experimental reading (play with visual range, reading to each other, reading and dreaming). As we listen and read, the channels of confluence multiply and overflow, leading us to examine moments of dissonance and interruption within collective practice and creation.

Key interests: Rhythm, Attending the imagination of others, Listening, Reading, Dreaming, Materialities, Analog-Digital.


Teoma J. Naccarato (Montréal, Canada / London, UK) is a choreographer and interdisciplinary arts researcher. Through her collaborative creations for stage and installation, she explores the appropriation of surveillance and biomedical technologies in contemporary dance and performance. Her work proposes promiscuous encounters between participants, human and nonhuman, to provoke intimacy, vulnerability, and uncertainty. She has shared choreography internationally, with recent presentations of Experience #1167, Synchronism, and X. Naccarato has an MFA in Dance from the Ohio State University, and is presently pursuing a practice-based PhD at the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) at Coventry University. www.naccarato.org/dance

Emilie Gallier is a French choreographer ( PØST Cie) and a researcher (C-DaRE Coventry University) living in Leiden (NL). Her work shows recurring subjects of imagination, sensation and thought. She uses the writing of movement and the movement of reading (scores and choreographic objects) to research relation within theater, probing exchanges between spectators. Her dance performances on stage and on paper, her lectures and workshops are presented in The Netherlands and Europe. Since 2016, PhD Candidate in Coventry, she graduated in 2012 from the Master of Choreography at ArtEZ (Arnhem). Before that she attended the program Transforme with Myriam Gourfink and learned Laban kinetography at the Conservatoire de Paris. As part of her practice, Emilie Gallier writes, edits, teaches, performs, collaborates (Rosie Heinrich, Tilman Andris, Clémence Coconnier), works as a mentor, a lecturer, member of the artists-run cultural space CLOUD in The Hague. Current projects include Trouble Wit and Read. Move. Implicated. www.post-cie.com

Residency | Lowlands Light project | DalioArts


13 November – 18 December 2016

Movement labs | Wednesday 30 nov 10:00-12:00 / Monday 5 and 12 dec 20:00-22:00| €5/lab

Presentation |jan 2017 more details soon|

Monica Sharon is a choreographer and filmmaker with DalioArts, a performing arts collective which aims to create work in collaboration with artists of various disciplines. She is currently in residence at the DCR guest studios, along with choreographer Angela Fegers and visual artist Taffy Boudewijns, who are also a part of DalioArts.

She is here to start the creation of Lowlands Light project, an interdisciplinary installation combining dance, light sculptures, film and live music. Currently, she is at research stage of the movement section of the project.

The Lowlands Light Project aims to culminate into an interactive installation that combines choreography, light sculptures, short films and a color of choice. Each color chosen on the four button switchboard corresponds to a certain choreography, film and multiple light sculptures, strategically placed, to illuminate the performer. The way the performance unfolds is decided by the participator, who will choose an order of colors without knowing the outcome beforehand.

At the Cloud/Danslab, we aim to research, experiment, learn and connect with the community. Through movement research and experimentation within the space, we look to find ways of moving that can be transferred to different sites, while experimenting with compositional structures, such as the chance theory. Our research days are our lab days where we experiment, play and explore.

Through our weekly classes, we connect with the community, experiment, research and learn from our participants as much as we hope they would learn from us. An exchange in knowledge and ideas is what we look for in every class we lead. We do not consider ourselves to be the sole teachers of the classes, but merely a guide to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge.
At the end of our time here at the Cloud/Danslab, we will finish with a small, informal showing with a concept in support of our current piece, The Lowlands Light project. This showing will be just a taste of what’s to come in the near future.