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Residency | Da Solo | Lorenzo Capodieci

From 15th to 19th February and from 29th February to 4th March 2016, Lorenzo Capodieci will be working at CLOUD Studio

Program residency

Open Training*
15 – 19 February | 10:00 – 12:00
29 February – 4 March  | 10:00 – 12:00
Cost: €7,- per class

Friday, 4 March | 19:00

About ‘Da Solo’

‘Da Solo’ is a research and interrogation about loneliness and garbage. Lorenzo will explore questions such as:
What do you do when you are alone?
What are the different emotions involved in being alone?
How can you overcome loneliness by finding “company” around you?

The other underlining theme of the solo research is Waste/Garbage.
There is something called “The Culture of Waste” that is very present in our societies. A culture that advertises throwing away as the way to get rid of the old to take something new.
This culture is taking us also in the way we deal with people and relationships.

Going back to loneliness, in this solo Lorenzo wants to meditate  on the relation between being lonely and feeling like garbage and at the same time finding a new role of garbage in our lives to, somehow, not feel alone anymore. To touch also themes as Dignity, Honor and Self-hatred.

In his research it is crucial the exploration of dramaturgy through the use of different performing media: dance, theater, music and light. Interconnecting the different disciplines to serve the purpose of giving the message to the audience and allowing this interconnection to affect the content of the research.

* Open Trainings
CLOUD resident Lorenzo gives physical morning classes  with elements of Flying Low,  followed by a short choreographic and improvisation workshop on the theme of his research.

About Lorenzo Capodieci
Lorenzo Capodieci, graduated in 2013 from Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Academy, where he started developing his own language and experimenting new performing ideas. Currently he is a freelance dancer, working with different choreographers and companies in The Netherlands, such as Cecilia Moisio, Karine Guizzo, Cie. Woest and more.

As a maker he wants to put in the center of the research the relation to the public and the true communication through the body. Treating social issues on the physical level, through its relation with our own bodies, to make us able to address them without ideology and with the true experience of the body.