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New Partnership with SMartNL

We are getting on track with CLOUD’s financial plans. And we’re proud to announce the support of the amazing SMartNL in the sustainability of CLOUD.


SMartNL is a platform that helps administrative/business tasks for artists and projects; especially designed for our context. It is a non-profit organisation that offers solutions and services for artists and creative professionals who work by the project. Their primary goal is to strengthen artists and creative workers’ autonomy and to foster sustainable creative careers. To achieve this, they provide tools and services that deal with the complexity of creative projects and allow us to manage creative projects and collaborations.

Everything they do is based on needs of professionals, simplifying the day-to-day professional life, freeing time for creativity. Whether the user is VAT registered or not, has a legal entity, works on its own or in a collective, our services are catered especially for the creative world.

As an active participant in the social economy they reinvest all profits they make. This makes them able to minimize costs, to constantly keep improving the service and to create an additional benefit based on the principle of pooling.

As part of an European collaboration, they are able to provide an essential contribution to help creative professionals to establish themselves throughout Europe.


Many thanks to Jette Schneider!