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Sound and Movement Class with TodaysArt/4DSOUND

SpaceBody Intelligence – Sound and Movement class by Rob Jan Liethoff, with 4DSOUND & TodaysArt, supported by CLOUD/Danslab

CLOUD is joining forces with TodaysArt Festival on this exciting workshop on September 25th and 26th. We’ll be there and we are excited to invite you to join this special Sound and Movement class.

Premiering at TodaysArt 2015, the festival for contemporary art and music in The Hague, Netherlands, 4DSOUND: Circadian presents interdisciplinary works from a diverse set of artists – all created exclusively for the Electriciteitsfabriek.

4DSOUND prepares a 24 hour program of interactive spatial sound performances featuring Lisa Park, Marco Donnarumma, Kazuya Nagaya, Oscar Mulero, the overnight A/V meditation project Noqturnl by John Connell and Florence To, and more to be announced. The event includes an opening conference, a sound and movement workshop, immersive sonic meditation, participative spatial performances, overnight collective dream state.

Robert Jan Liethoff is a Berlin-based actor, dramaturgist and voice movement teacher. His work draws on aspects of voice physiology as a departure point for the development of sound-oriented bodywork. He is fascinated by the body’s own intelligence: his compositions often begin from the concept of a raw, or formless space-state, from where they begin to move towards clearer specific forms and structures. (Go to: Robert Jan Liethoff’s site )

Robert will host the sound and movement class and a lecture for 4DSOUND: Circadian inviting participants to explore a ‘physical’ listening practice. Investigating how we perceive sound composition, what the body considers a ‘healthy’ sound texture, our ability to perceive sound internally as well as externally, and the influence this has on our spatial awareness of space both internal and external, and the sense of self that emerges from this understanding.

Capacity: 50 people per class
Friday 25 September & Saturday 26 September
11:00 – 12:00 (please stay updated with the schedule as changes may happen later!)

Location: Electriciteitsfabriek, The Hague

Participation Fee: € 8

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About the 4DSOUND: Circadian

4DSOUND is a laboratory and cultural collective exploring Spatial Sound as a medium. Since 2008, it has developed an innovative Spatial Sound technology that has significantly improved and expanded the possibilities to create, perform and experience sound spatially. 4DSOUND is a fully omnidirectional sound environment, where the listener can appreciate Spatial Sound images in a virtually unlimited spatial continuum. Sound can move infinitely distant or intimately close to the listener: it moves around, as well as above, beneath, in between or right through them.

A 4DSOUND environment allows for a natural reproduction of sound sources in a spatial environment. The loudspeakers are completely transparent: instead of listening to speakers, one is listening to space.

4DSOUND is at the forefront of researching and demonstrating how Spatial Sound is becoming intertwined with a broader cultural movement that propagates self-awareness, social cohesion and sustainability. Spatial Sound is at the heart of a development leading to an Ecology of Listening – influencing the quality of the listening environment to enhance our mental and physical state.

Residency: Ludmila Rodrigues

Ludmila Rodrigues creates spaces, situations and devices in order to make the public move. Her fascination relies on the embodied knowledge inherent to us all, thus, on the presence of the audience. How can the audience be engaged? How do they relate to each other? Can we share movement and synchronize our actions producing a bigger movement?

Ludmila was born in Rio, Brazil, and is based in The Hague since 2009. With a degree in Architecture and a second degree in Artscience at the KABK (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague), she is now researching on Haptics (tactile communication) and she reports her findings in the blog: sharingmotions.wordpress.com


By using light materials, such as elastics, ropes and wood, Ludmila creates sets in which visitors start playing, as if dancing with each other, connected by the structure that augments and reflects their interactions.


The presentation happened on Sunday, december 1st at the CLOUD/Danslab Studio.