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Workshop | Hilal Egyptian Dance | Suraya Hilal

13-14 May 13:00-17:00 |  €95,- (early registration till 14 April)
We are happy to receive Suraya Hilal at CLOUD/Danslab with a workshop based on the essence and roots of Arab/Egyptian/African peoples dances.


Hilal Dance® is a grounded, energetic, expansive form, expressing fluidity, line and rhythm. The dance is based on a strong holistic training, a system of bodywork that focuses on breath and works to achieve a centered, dynamic flow of energy. This kind of training is essential for exploring many powerful forms of expression through geometric line and musicality.

Hilal Dance® is a contemporary form encompassing a holistic breath-based training and system of movement concepts that allow full exploration of a wide range of expression through the music and rhythm. Hilal Dance is grounded, energetic and expansive. Working from a centred body, it expresses both fluidity and strong rhythm. The movements and training are lead by powerful concepts that embody ancient Eastern wisdom and knowledge. The dance is specifically related to the aesthetic that underlies Arab/Egyptian culture. This is reflected in the dramatic use of repetition and improvisation, the clear geometry of line, the importance of intricate movements that can expand outward into space, the emphasis on line both rhythmic and lyrical, and intricate details that create the whole in a language that is both abstract and emotional. The outstanding achievement of Hilal Dance is that it brings into view for the first time in the contemporary world a cultural based, progressive and universal dance form.

Egyptian born Suraya Hilal is a leading international dancer, teacher and choreographer. With years of creative work, research and teaching, Hilal has created and established a contemporary dance form, called Hilal Dance® which is based on the essence and roots of Arab /Egyptian/African people’s dances. Through extensive research and didactic work, drawing inspiration from her cultural heritage and informed by global contemporary dance practice, her art embodies a modern, progressive dance language which goes beyond geographical boundaries.


Number of places is limited
Early bird €95,- before 13th of April
Late bird €110,- after 13th of April

Registration confirmed when payment is received by organizer Laura de Gaspari. Details provided when registered by mail to: lmdegaspari@gmail.com
Subject title: Registration Hilal Dance Workshop

If you unfortunately have to cancel this workshop by any reasons, these are the conditions:

By cancellation:
before 13 April – €20, for administration expenses will be deducted
after 13 April – 30% of the total amount (early bird – €28,50 or late bird – €33)
after 1 May – 50% of the total amount (early bird – €47,50 or late bird – €55)