Presentation | Moving Material | Axis Syllabus | Ilse van Haastrecht

Wednesday 24 June | 17:00-18:00

During her residency Ilse van Haastrecht​ looked at various layers of the human body. Such as the joint integrity, spinal mechanics, architecture of the foot, muscles as landing cushions.

Through the lens of the Axis Syllabus Lexicon Ilse tested tactics for healthy and safe locomotion and studied how it affects her dancing. In the Study Labs she shared her findings with a group of curious movers, in order to practice sharing these parameters for falling into grace with our dancing body.

During the presentation Ilse will elaborate on some of her findings and conclusions. She will also share about what the Axis Syllabus Lexicon is and there will be a mini workshop walking mechanics.

You are all very welcome to come and participate