Residency | Tools from the Box | Keren Rosenberg

8 June – 18 June

How do you nourish soils?

Keren Rosenberg will use this residency as a moment of reflection. In the last few months she has been producing and working with a lot of positive end results. This coming Summer she is invited to create and give various workshop in Henry Juriens and in the Open FLR in Florence. Coming up to these workshop, she feels the need to see where she is now, what would be important for the coming process, and what could be the view point. Keren asks heself the question: “How did the past few processes I have been through influenced the way I communicate now?

About Keren Rosenberg
Keren’s works were presented in various festivals & theaters in Israel, Iceland, The Netherlands and Ireland. In 2011 she was invited by Ohad Naharin to study the Gaga movement language. Since then, she has been invited to teach Gaga as well as her own creative workshops in various dance companies and institutions around Europe.

Her recent work ‘Body-House’ premiered at the One Night’s Dance Project at Dansataliers, invited to Korzo Theater, Dansmakers Amsterdam and Tel-Aviv Dance This Summer.