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Presentation | 3X3Generations | June 10

CLOUD is proud to present the edition  of 3X3Generations #3
on June 10th at 20:00.
Please check our: Facebook event

Nine performers, three from each generation, from advanced amateurs to professional dancers are creating an open composition
This blind-date encounter start in the afternoon with a workshop.

LINE-UP: Elena Sgarbi, Josse Vessies, Fazle Shairmahomed, Bahar Farshchi, Jozef Sloots, Johan Wijlage, Elena Iachininoto, Rachel de Wolff and Alina Fejzo.

Moderator: Eline van Ark.

Doors open at 19:30 at DCR
Start at 20:00
Entrance fee € 5

Many thanks to Dansdrift and CLOUD/Danslab
Powered by  CLOUD  Jérôme


Residency & workshop | Rooted | Marta Reig Torres

8-20 May

How do we perceive, what we sense as home? Does it depend on how close or how distant we are to that point? Home is a physical and metaphoric place that offers protection and security. It is a vivid place that triggers our emotions. When we are nearby home we are rooted and calm but when we are far from it, it can become uncomfortable and sad. People long to be at home and we relate to it, as a place where we want to return to. Usually, the sense of home attenuates as one moves away from that point and at a certain moment is natural to want to leave it, in order to grow and evolve further.

Together with Fazle Shairmahomed and Alina Fejzo (dance) and Marien Okkerse (music), they will look at how proximal or distance we are from what we relate as home trigger self-reflection, thoughts about who someone is or used to be or who they might become. And they will question with it what they want to leave behind, what it remains and where they want to go not just as an individual but as a community and being part of the society we live in.


This workshop is about sharing the working process of Marta Reig Torres’ residency at CLOUD, which will take place from 8-21 of May. Together with participants of the workshop we further explore the meaning of ‘home’. The day will include a preparation of the body and the mind in order to get in touch to our own natural movement taking it further into making little improvisations. Some material, images and frames which are being used in Marta’s residency will be added to this Facebook event in the course of coming two weeks.

Participation fee: donation
Registration by mail to: mreigtorres@gmail.com


About Marta Reig Torres
Marta Reig Torres is a choreographer, dancer, teacher and coach based in Rotterdam. She has danced with Nicole Beutler, Conny Janssen Danst, Leine & Roebana and previously in companies like Gulbenkian Ballet in Lisbon, Portugal and The Dutch National Ballet (Het Nationale Ballet). Her choreographic work has been produced by Korzo Productions and co-produced by Dansateliers, DWA Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, Cadance Festival, De Doelen Rotterdam, Codarts and Meekers. It has been selected several times for the Nederlandse Dans Dagen, Dansclick, the Serie Nieuwe Theatermakers, and abroad in different festivals and venues. Her pieces have been performed all over the Netherlands, and in Spain, France, Italy and England. She is also a co-founder of Cloud/Danslab.

“In my work, I aim to reflect and re-look from different perspectives at what is happening to us and around us, and to share the outcomes with an audience. I use themes related to what I consider the essence of human experience, to dreams, ideals, desires and doubts, as well as to the absurdity of seemingly ordinary life stories. My choreographic work is characterized by the atmospheres and situations in which the audience enter the inner world and states of mind and being lived through by the dancers during the performance.”

Presentation | ErosThanatos | Tashi Iwaoka, Fazle Shairmahomed and Stefano Sgarbi

Sunday 30 April 2017 | 20:00
Check: Facebook event

Sexual obsession as a path to spiritual liberation.

In a society where many cultures strive to coexist, yet dominated by a few, many different sexualities are socially constrained. Where is the place for the two male dancers from different cultural backgrounds in this European context when it comes to spaces in between desire, obsession, sexuality and spirituality? Coloured with sounds controlling and directing this space, a metamorphosis which is ultimately about existentiality suggesting a certain kind of spiritual purification and blurring the tension between life and death as conceived in many recent Western ideologies.

A controversial vulgar sex and death scandal in Japan forms the inspiration for this performance. The story follows an erotic relationship of Sada Abe who eventually cuts off the penis and testicles of her lover Kichizo Ishida on May 18, 1936. Since then it has been interpreted by artists of different kinds.

This work has been developed independently in CLOUD/Danslab (The Hague) and OT301 (Amsterdam).

You are invited to the performance of this work-in-progress followed by a talk with the artists.

Doors open: 20.00
Start: 20:30
Entrance: Donation
There will be a bar hosted by CLOUD

About the artists 

Tashi Iwaoka
Tashi Iwaoka is a performance artist/mover. After his first Butoh experiences in 1997 with Kazuo Ohno and Kim Itoh in Japan, Iwaoka practiced Butoh based bodywork for over 10 years. Currently he is practicing Budo, Japanese martial arts, and working on finding the nucleus of human expression and connection, in relation to the movement skills he has learned. One of the central driving forces for this is the attempt to fuse his oriental roots and Western perspectives to form a more proper view on ‘being a human’ in this world. He wishes to disinter the universality in Eastern wisdom in order to help us understand what it is to be a human.

Fazle Shairmahomed
Fazle Shairmahomed is a dancer, performer, improviser, performance maker, graduated in anthropology. His work evolves in challenging understandings of inter-sensoriality, the relation between environment, performance, spectatorship, and society, and the ability to learn and train particularly in dance. His work is in general concerned with his political body in processes of de-colonization closely related to his background as a Surinamese-Hindustani born in the Netherlands. During his studies he started with Modern dance, which brought him to Butoh, Body Weather, contemporary whirling, and other dance practices.

Stefano Sgarbi
A composer, performer and sound therapist based in the Netherlands. His interests, starting from a general attraction to art and particularly music, are now more specifically towards electronic music, algorithmic composition, improvisation and sound therapy. He studied at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague where he has found himself in a rather prolific and inspiring artistic environment. Many of his works are performed in his local scene and some have being selected and played in festivals around the world.

SPIRAAL 3-month course | contemporary whirling | Valentina Lacmanovic & Fazle Shairmahomed

SPIRAAL IS AN ORIGINAL, CONTEMPORARY APPROACH TO SPIRALING AND WHIRLING MOVEMENT,  developed by Valentina Lacmanović, based on art and science research and practice

A 3 month course of 6 classes (3 hours per class, 18 hours in total)

The course is designed to deepen the contemporary whirling practice SPIRAAL, and to develop a strong technique which enables participants to tap into the creative flow by means of the sustained spiraling movement. Whirling is a strong instrument for performance practices, and for the harmonization of physical, mental, emotional body and teaches about the energy economy.

Sundays from 13:30 – 16:30
Dates: 5 March, 19 March, 2 April, 23 April, 30 April, 21 May (note Easter Day 16 April has been replaced by 23 April)
Location: CLOUD/Danslab, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b, Den Haag


SPIRAAL proposes an intensive work on sustained spiraling movement technique, disorientation, listening and body/mind (dis)connection. In a safe environment participants travel through trance-like states and learn how to tap into the creative flow.

The build-up op the classes includes techniques of breathing, physical training, and ritualistic elements in contemporary performance through structured improvisations. The classes will be given by Valentina Lacmanovic and Fazle Shairmahomed, who will both bring in different techniques to build-up the whirling practice rooted in internal martial arts, Tai Chi, Noguchi gymnastics, Butoh methods, contemporary dance and yoga.

Spiraling movement is at the core of our galaxy, our DNA, it is the force of nature in hurricanes and vortices. Spiraling patterns can be found in the shape of our fingerprint and the form of Time. Practicing Spiraal connects us with forces of nature and helps us to explore our creative potential.

Early registration for full course (before 25 February) €194,- (incl. BTW)
Registration for full-course (after 25 February) €232 (incl. BTW)
Drop-in per class €40,- (incl. BTW)

Please register by mail to cloud.danslab@gmail.com and you will receive the invoice with payment details.

Valentina Lacmanović is a performance artist. From 2001 onwards, her work has been focused on creating solo and collaborative performances inspired by rituals (as roots of performing arts), shamanic practices and trance-like states. Since 2008 she has been creating performances and video art that are presented internationally in museums and galleries. Valentina collaborates with musicians, steadicam operator, video-artists, sound-artists, filmmakers, dancers, and in dialogue with experts in anthropology, ethnology, and psychoanalysis.

Fazle Shairmahomed is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher, dancer/performer, improviser, performance maker, and anthropologist. His work evolves in challenging understandings of inter-sensoriality, the relation between environment, performance, spectatorship, and society, and the ability to learn and train particularly in dance. His artistic practice is generally concerned with explicating political bodies in processes of de-colonization closely related to his background as a Surinamese-Hindustani born in the Netherlands.

CLOUD Club #13 Hypnosonic Encounters with the Unknown | with Virginie Dubois

Next CLOUD Club will be a sonic trip to the unknown. Guided by sound artist Virginie Dubois (FR/NL), we’ll depart on a trance session, with sounds from here and the beyond. Virginie is preparing a new piece specially for this occasion, and you’re invited to join her experiment of ‘entrainment’ at the CLOUD/Danslab studio.

Entrainment in Biomusicology in the synchronization of organisms to an external rhythm. Together and with the construction of rhythms provided by Virginie, we’ll tremble, shiver and burst to beats from around the world.

This will be the first time that CLOUD Club hosts a sound artist to provide the dancing experience. CLOUD Club is an experimental  space to engage artists, choreographers, dancers, movers of all kinds and the audience on the dance-floor. Organized by CLOUD members Fazle Shairmahomed and Ludmila Rodrigues.

We hope to see you then!

Friday 21st October 2016
Doors open at 20:30
Session starts at 21:00
(No entrance after 21:00)

Please be on time!
No shoes allowed, socks will rock!
Contribution € 7,00
Feel free to bring your own drinks

About Virginie Dubois:

Virginie Dubois (FR, 1977) completed her art studies at the KABK Royal Academy of Arts & Koncon/Royal Conservatory in The Hague in 2013, and received a second master degree in applied arts at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam in 2014.
Her work focuses on the relationship between sound, space and architecture; and more generally between sound and the listener.
Using architecture and urban places as musical instruments, Dubois explores the sonority of space and develops sound installations, sound walks and public interventions with the idea to enhance the acoustic qualities of the space.

“In my approach, ‘walking’ and ‘listening’ are essential: they are the fundamental tools at the heart of my practice. By bringing awareness and presence to simple actions and social behaviors, my goal is to invite the audience to experience ‘listening’ as a playful and powerful methodology.
From walking to intentionally wandering, from hearing to carefully listening, one will learn how to consciously, and fully partake to the environment.
It is then, that the perception of sound becomes a spatial event, a material phenomenon, and a physiological experience.”

Residency | Synergetic Interpolations | Fazle S. & Mári Mákó

22 – 28 February
Presentation Sunday 28 February 19:00

In this residency Mári Mákó (sound artist, sonologist) and Fazle Shairmahomed (artist-researcher, dancer) explore together the relations between sound and movement as immersive of each other.
It builds upon the existing work of Mári Mákó with oscilators and a sensor.

Mári Mákó’s sound installation consists out of one sensor and two oscillators, which allow an immersive physicality to develop. Initially by using the hands to create shadows, manipulate light, and to change the position of the sensor, transforming the soundscape constantly. In performance, physicality is most often facilitated by sound, and therefore sensorially more prominent, which we aim to challenge by enhancing this relation through technological devices and light. This research questions the input-output relation of sound and movement, and different technological devices. How can the relation between sound and movement become diffuse and immersive of each other?

The question of synesthesia will be addressed, as an inter-sensorial exhibition and initiation. We suggest to approach synaesthetic experience as a matter of what extent one experiences inter-sensoriality consciously. An enactivist approach will be used to understands the senses as organs of the body which exist in movement within an environment where perception takes shape, while a cultural specific understanding of the senses is acknowledged as a model that informs the way in which we understand the environment.

Movement Labs
Monday 22 February – Friday 27 February 10:00-12:00 | €7,- per class

This movement lab by Fazle Shairmahomed will offer exercises that sensitize the body which allows to find new relations between the senses, and emphasize the immediate interdependency of the senses. Inspired by Body Weather, Butoh, Fighting Monkey, somatics. The classes offer ways to explore individually and collectively the meaning of the senses to the body in locomotion and dance.

Day 1: Space
Day 2: Silence, tension, and threads
Day 3: Body pointing
Day 4: Urgency
Day 5: Internal bodily patterns

About Fazle Shairmahomed
Fazle Shairmahomed is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher, performer, performance maker, and anthropologist. His work evolves in challenging understandings of inter-sensoriality, the relation between environment, performance, spectatorship, and society, and the ability to learn and train particularly in dance. Fazle studied (MA) Cultural and Social Anthropology (2012) and (BA) Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies (2010) at the University of Amsterdam, University of Leiden, and NVIC in Cairo, Egypt. After ethnographic research in Bosnia-Herzegovina he has reshaped his interests in processes of perception, interpretation, and sensation through physical movement and dance practices. Currently in the process of applying for a PhD position in ethnographic practice as artistic-research on inter-sensoriality in dance among children and spectators. He collaborates with Emilie Gallier and Astarti Athanasiadou on choreographic objects and spectatorship, Ludmila Rodrigues on installations to choreograph the people, and Valentina Lacmanovic on contemporary whirling dance practice. Furthermore he is an active practitioner in the Axis Syllabus research group of Ilse van Haastrecht, and one of the organizers of CLOUD/Danslab. In improvisation dance performance he has collaborated with Ana Leonor Ladas, in organized by Oorsprong Curators. Besides he is experienced in different contemporary dance practices, (contact-)improvisation, Butoh, Body Weather, Biodanza, Palestinian folklore, shamanic dance rituals, and yoga.

About Mári Mákó
Mári Mákó is an interdisciplinary sound and performance artist. She has recently been experimenting with live electronic improvisation. For this piece she is focusing on exploring her own style of performance, primarily using sensors to control the sound of analogue oscillators. Along with this she is also digitally processing these sounds with the intention to realize new sonic textures. Mári is currently studying at the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, and has been guest student at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Budapest in 2011. She collaborated with composer Mikolay Laskowski, Justin Bennett, Johan van Kreij, among which with a live electronic improvisation set up.

CLOUD Club #10 HIGHER | Michele Rizzo | 28 november

Saturday 28 november | 19:00 | €7,-

The 10th edition of CLOUD Club will be special! In a 4-HOURS session we will approach a mix of choreographic elements borrowed directly from the CLUB and from DANCE TRAINING. While dancing on TECHNO MUSIC, we will train the activity of LOSING OURSELVES, attempting to enter a state close to TRANCE while studying movement. Sneakers obligatory!

HIGHER WORKSHOP is a movement research practice based on club dancing.

Entrance €7,-
Please bring your own drinks
Doors open 18:30
Session starts from 19:00-23:00, no entrance possible after 19:00.CLOUD Club is an experimental dance session in the dance studio. An unpredictable dance club. Amateurs and professionals united for the fun of learning. Since its beginnings in 2014, we have had an increased number of enthusiastic participants who get to know CLOUD – bridging audience and dancers worldwide.About Michele Rizzo
Michele Rizzo (1984) graduated in 2011 at the SNDO (School for new Dance Development, Amsterdam), where he is now a guest teacher in choreography and movement research, and in 2015 at Sandberg Institute of Amsterdam, in the Dirty Art Department master program. Since 2012 he is supported by the ICK International Choreographic Art Centre of Amsterdam. His artistic practice touches various disciplines, including performance, music and visual art. Through out 2014 and 2015 his research has zoomed into the phenomenon of club dancing, which he has developed into performances, installations and workshops. His choreographic work, produced by Frascati Theatre Amsterdam and International Choreographic Centre ICK Amsterdam, revolves often around existential or ontological topics, such as the definition of the self, its inscription in the cultural-sociological context, the concepts of origin and flow and their implication in the development of creative practices.In the past few years he has been working with various artists, such us Julian Hetzel, Gertjan Franciscus, Vincent Riebeek, Igor Dobricic, and the musicians LVM and Lorenzo Senni.