CLOUD Club #13 Hypnosonic Encounters with the Unknown | with Virginie Dubois

Next CLOUD Club will be a sonic trip to the unknown. Guided by sound artist Virginie Dubois (FR/NL), we’ll depart on a trance session, with sounds from here and the beyond. Virginie is preparing a new piece specially for this occasion, and you’re invited to join her experiment of ‘entrainment’ at the CLOUD/Danslab studio.

Entrainment in Biomusicology in the synchronization of organisms to an external rhythm. Together and with the construction of rhythms provided by Virginie, we’ll tremble, shiver and burst to beats from around the world.

This will be the first time that CLOUD Club hosts a sound artist to provide the dancing experience. CLOUD Club is an experimental  space to engage artists, choreographers, dancers, movers of all kinds and the audience on the dance-floor. Organized by CLOUD members Fazle Shairmahomed and Ludmila Rodrigues.

We hope to see you then!

Friday 21st October 2016
Doors open at 20:30
Session starts at 21:00
(No entrance after 21:00)

Please be on time!
No shoes allowed, socks will rock!
Contribution € 7,00
Feel free to bring your own drinks

About Virginie Dubois:

Virginie Dubois (FR, 1977) completed her art studies at the KABK Royal Academy of Arts & Koncon/Royal Conservatory in The Hague in 2013, and received a second master degree in applied arts at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam in 2014.
Her work focuses on the relationship between sound, space and architecture; and more generally between sound and the listener.
Using architecture and urban places as musical instruments, Dubois explores the sonority of space and develops sound installations, sound walks and public interventions with the idea to enhance the acoustic qualities of the space.

“In my approach, ‘walking’ and ‘listening’ are essential: they are the fundamental tools at the heart of my practice. By bringing awareness and presence to simple actions and social behaviors, my goal is to invite the audience to experience ‘listening’ as a playful and powerful methodology.
From walking to intentionally wandering, from hearing to carefully listening, one will learn how to consciously, and fully partake to the environment.
It is then, that the perception of sound becomes a spatial event, a material phenomenon, and a physiological experience.”