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Contact Improvisation Intensive: Dancing the Unknown

This intensive experience is designed to expand your physical and sensory awareness, embrace vulnerability, and dive into the art of dancing the unknown.

Open to participants of all levels, this workshop creates a supportive and adventurous space for exploration and self-discovery. You will be guided through a series of exercises, improvisations, and explorations that will challenge and inspire you.

Throughout the workshop, we will explore themes such as trust-building, risk-taking, and deepening connections. The approach, influenced by various somatic practices, blends technique and creativity to unlock your full expressive potential.

The exercises will be ranging from structured explorations to open-ended improvisations. By breaking down specific skills and techniques, we allow for focused practice and expansion of your movement vocabulary. Through playful experimentation and deep embodiment, you will discover new possibilities in movement and connection.

We will be immersed in an atmospheric soundscape carefully curated to enhance your journey. Long tracks, ambient melodies, and moments of structured silence will deepen your connection to the physical sensations and emotions that arise during the practice.

Two days of a deep dive into the experience of CI:
Saturday July 1st | 12:30 – 17:30
Sunday July 2nd | 12:30 – 17:30

A beautiful studio space in The Hague:
CLOUD at danslab – De Constant Rebecqueplein 20-B, 2518 RA Den Haag, The Netherlands.

I encourage you to join us for the whole experience:
90€ for both days (50€ for one day)

Ady – +31 6 58859045
WhatsApp Direct Message:
or email: office@adyelzam.com

About the facilitator:
Ady Elzam was introduced to Contact Improvisation in 2006 while in dance training and immediately fell in love with the practice. He draws inspiration from various somatic practices, including Feldenkris and the Ilan Lev Method, Ady brings a rich understanding of the body-mind connection to his facilitation.

Ady’s teaching style is rooted in improvisation and adaptability, allowing him to respond to the needs and interests of the participants. With a focus on cultivating trust, embracing vulnerability, and expanding creativity, Ady guides students to unlock new dimensions of their physicality and deepen their understanding of Contact Improvisation. His approach is characterised by a playful exploration of disorientation, pushing the boundaries of the unknown, and tapping into the innate wisdom of the body.

As a facilitator, Ady believes in creating a safe environment where participants feel free to explore their movement, their bodies, and their interactions with others. He prioritises the establishment of trust and safety with dance partners, enabling participants to take risks together and experience the transformative power of Contact Improvisation. Ady’s classes and workshops are characterised by a deep sense of connection, authenticity, and the exploration of inner silence and togetherness.