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Workshop in De Nieuwe Regentes door Eline van Ark

Zondag 22 December geeft Eline een workshop in De Nieuwe Regentes in Buurtbruis II, een workshopmiddag met kunstenaars en makers uit de buurt. Voor iedereen is er wel wat bij en eind van de middag kun je kiezen tussen twee films. Voor 5 euro inclusief een drankje (we hebben die dag ook glühwein en warme chocomelk) kun je aan een workshop meedoen. Wees er snel bij, het aantal plaatsen is beperkt. Alle workshops zijn geschikt voor alle niveau’s, ook beginners.

Eline’s workshop ‘Bewegende Geluiden’ is een workshop ontwikkeld in samenwerking met Barbara Ebner tijdens hun project RADAR, waarin de dansers luisteren naar en reageren op de geluiden van het publiek. Eline en Barbara hebben een methode ontwikkeld waarin ze op verschillende manieren luisteren naar geluiden, en deze geluiden in beweging vertalen.

In de workshop gaan we deze verschillende manieren van luisteren verkennen, en daarmee de geluiden als motor voor beweging laten werken. Hierdoor gaan we dansen met geluid, tussen geluid, in geluid, worden we bewogen door geluid en creeren we geluid met en voor bewegingen. Voor iedereen die de wereld wel eens van een andere kant wil bekijken, en wil gaan spelen met wat er is, hier en nu.

meer info over Eline en Barbara’s RADAR project op


Residency: Eline van Ark

The Invisible Dancer is an artistic research about listening to dance.

The aim is to create a dance solo that will not be seen, but only listened to. For the mapping of the audible area of dance we got help of a group of blind people and people with poor eyesight. After exploring and experimenting we’ll build a solo that will trigger the fantasy of the audience, to create their own imaginary dance based on what they hear Mojra doing.

Eline worked a week in September, and had a couple of sessions with blind people and people with poor eyesight in the months October, November and December.


The presentation triggered an interesting discussion, if you have 30 minutes, it’s well worth listening:



For a little taste of the working process, have a look at this video:


Great session today, with Anita, Emilie, Jessica, Thomas and Mojra Vogelnik-skerlj:

Residency Barbara Ebner

From 11/06 to 22/06/2012

Originally coming from south Germany, Barbara is an artist, freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. During her dance and choreography studies at ArtEZ Arnhem, she developed a strong interest in collaborative work. She is working in a close dialog with colleagues, other art forms and fields outside of the arts with which a connection might seem farfetched in the first place. Together they are looking for a shared level of abstraction which enables the senses to join forces in the experience of art and life.
Her main fascination simply keeps on being movement, the body and the language that becomes alive with both together. The subtle and intimate qualities of performance in the present moment made her investigate more and more in the field of improvisation and instant composition – at the heart and potential of creative processes.

As choreographer and dancer/performer she is working in various often interdisciplinary projects and collectives mostly in the Netherlands in and around Arnhem; currently with Komma4, Poezie Plus, Walking Faces and CCCompass (a collective founded with Eline van Ark). Furthermore she is co-founder of LABSCAPE Barefoot Experiments, an interdisciplinary improvisation platform – since 2011 organizing a once a month experiment space for artists and everyone interested. In addition to that she is sharing her fascination and enthusiasm for improvisation and instant composition in her teaching, where she often works on bridging both contemporary technique and improvisation. Currently she is giving workshops and Improvisation/Composition at the Fast Track MBO education and the ArtEZ dance academy, Arnhem.

Residency Keren Rosenberg

Independent dancer/ choreographer & gaga teacher. In CLOUD from 30/5 to 10/6/2012


Keren performing in August 2012:

Keren Rosenberg, the first certified teacher from the pilot teacher training program of Ohad Naharin’s Gaga language and a leading choreographer-Dancer when it comes to building Cultural bridges via Dance (with Iceland & The Netherlands & Ireland).

Collaborating artists – Gudrun oskarsdottir, Lydia Gretarsdottir, Eilit Marom and Yigal Tzur.

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