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Creative HUB exchange

SOUL#3 CO-CREATION,  the new work

The creative hubs exchange is an opportunity to witness a process and to share ideas about the future of an art work: a dance performance

With this new part of the SOUL serie Jerome and Isabelle question the concept of co-creation in the context of dance theater performance and see the role that play such approach in the making of and in the result of the performance self.

With the SOUL project they are engaging reflection about audience’s freedom and free will, about identity and the act of engaging or not engaging in the course of an action.

With Meyer and Chaffaud’s statement – the audience, the performers and the makers as active co-creator force, how far can we go together to create an intellectually engaged work as well as an immersive unique experience?

When: 23 November
Where: CLOUD/danslab

We start at 19:00
A free soup will be served from 18:00

Expect ending at 20:30
Reserve here:
More info about the dance company here

Facebook event is here

Residency Fernando Troya

‘Reminiscente’: Presentation of the ongoing research

1st chapter: ‘A Colossus’, finished – solo

2nd chapter, ‘En Calzones’, unfinished, first encounter – duet

Following the fruitful results of the first investigation for ‘Reminiscente’, which resulted in the solo ‘A Colossus’ we are ready to proceed with the second phase of the project.

The first part focused on Francisco de Goya’s work ‘The Colossus and the Disasters of War’. For the second chapter I intend to dive deeper into the themes of Goya’s works. Studying his oeuvre to use some of the elements that fascinate me most: darkness, ugliness, rawness, visceral imageries, that at the same time express the deepest human sensitivities.

It is an unvarnished aesthetic, stripped of the normatives of social conventions, the inner layers of understanding laid bare, ugly as the subjects of his paintings are, they are vulnerable as well.

There is, tied with Goya’s work, a continuation in the research of the other theme of the first part: Plato’s theory of Forms and more specifically the Allegory of the Cave. The description of two co-existing worlds that complement each other. A very simple story that tells so much about not only his philosophy, but our current world; submission, control, repression…

The presentation this evening comprises of ‘A Colossus’, the first chapter; a solo I created for myself in collaboration with composer Carlos Ema. And the results of the search for the 2nd chapter of the series of works ‘Reminiscente’.

Join us in our search for an ugly beauty, a beautiful ugliness.

Entrance € 5,00
Sunday 17 June at 19:30
at CLOUD/danslab

Concept and choreography: Fernando Troya
Performers: Arturo Vargas y Fernando Troya
Choreographer assistant: Quentin Riger
Composer: Carlos Ema

This project is being supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam, CLOUD/Danslab and Korzo.

Going to the Bone that Moves you

De dans is een prachtige manier om met ons lichaam uitdrukking te geven aan wat we voelen, denken, willen, verlangen.
We dansen onze ervaringen en wat ons raakt, een glimlach van iemand, kriebel in je Buik, irritatie, vertedering, angst, wilde dromen!

Een koude winter nacht Hemel die wemelt van de sterren
de knoppen in de bomen die op springen staan
een laatste sneeuwvlok
een bries door je haren….
alles maar dan ook werkelijk alles is dansbaar.

En dat is zo fijn….

Veilig, in contact met je fysieke lichaam, bewust verbonden met de grond onder je en de ruimte boven je.
smelten, verzachten, oplossen, van gefixeerd naar vloeiend
zodat er ruimte ontstaat om open te vouwen
zodat de lucht en het licht vol naar binnen kunnen stromen, schouders kunnen zakken en kaken zich ontspannen;
klaar om de dans die bij jou aanklopt naar binnen te laten stromen, springen, dansen, rollen…

Ook zo zo nieuwsgierig naar de volgende beweging?

Je bent van harte uitgenodigd om mee te dansen.

Wanneer We starten 16 Maart en dansen ieder 1e en 3e vrijdag van de maand van 20.00 – 21.30 uur
Je bent welkom vanaf 19.30 en de muziek start om 19.45 uur.
Waar Dansstudio Cloud, Constant Rebequeplein 20 B, Den Haag
Kosten losse les – 15 euro, alle 8 de lessen – 105 euro

Voor meer info en om je op te geven, stuur even een mailtje.


Hester Slagman

MounaMay Buikdansschool | Bellydance classes

MounaMay Buikdansschool | Bellydance classesMounaMay Buikdansschool | Bellydance classes

Tuesdays | 19:00-20:15: Bellydance classes Beginners
Tuesdays | 20:15-21:30: Bellydance classes Intermediate & Advanced

Would you like to join the Bellydance classes?
Have you always wanted to learn how to Bellydance? Or are you an experienced dancer and
do you want to improve your technique? Or are you just curious what Oriental
dance actually is and if it would be something for you?
Visit the website and register for a trial class online and find
out yourself. If you already took classes with MounaMay Bellydance School before, you are
welcome to sign up for a new course.

About MounaMay Buikdansschool
MounaMay Bellydance School provides weekly bellydance classes and started in 2008. You
can join classes of various levels, from beginner to advanced for adults as well as children.
The classes on Tuesdays are at Cloud Dancelab. The classes on Mondays and Thursdays are
at the Koorenhuis. All dance classes are in Dutch as well as in English. Aside from weekly
dance classes MounaMay Bellydance School also provides bellydance workshops, private
lessons and group performances. All classes are provided by Mouna (Loraine Mailissa) with
her 2 assistants Varsha and Natasha.

To give you an impression watch this video of Mouna ; MounaMay Group at the Theater
aan het Spui in The Hague.
– — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Buttons links:
 Website:
Do you prefer to visit the website in English? Just click on the English flag in the menu.
 Facebook:
 Instagram:
 Youtube:

Embodied search

These series of 6 workshops will focus on the four basic emotional movements.

Giving: moving oneself toward the other.
Getting: moving other toward oneself.
Removing: moving other away from oneself.
Escaping: moving oneself away from other.

These basics movements are strictly connected to the bodily felt sensation. Through dance improvisation and exploration questions and emotions about oneself in relationship to oneself and others will possibly arise.

How this exploration can connect us to a better way of creatively express while dancing?
How can dance serve us to a better expression of our feelings in daily life?
These questions will be at the core of the movement exploration.

Workshop duration: 2 hours per session
Number of sessions: 6 plus informal sharing the 16th June. Participants presence is not
compulsory for all 6 sessions but very much suggested.
Price: Cloud students €10, other participants € 20 per session.
6 session discount: Cloud students € 55, € 115.

Open to all movement lovers and dancers.
Dates: 20th January, 25th February, 25th March, 22nd April, 19th May, 16th June (session/sharing)

Claudia Scaringella MA student of Dance Movement therapy,
First class BA Choreography and Dance.


“Usually, the public comes, watches something and then they leave. But in the 21st century they no longer want to watch something, they want to be part of something, make an experience.”
Marina Abramović, 2016

 Creative Hubs Exchange @ CLOUD/Danslab:

3rd October 2017
with Meyer-Chaffaud

11th October 2017
with Fazle Shairmahomed, Sophia Bulgakova, Aish Pagnes,

27th October 2017
with Meyer-Chaffaud, Teun Vonk, Aron Birtalan and Natela Lemondhava

Do you want to be part of this exciting creative process?
sign up via:

With the start of this project we are engaging a dialogue  between the action and the audience and ultimately between the audience among itself. The project aims to provoke an aesthetic art experience, inspire and stimulate intellectual reflection about audience’s freedom and free will and raise question about identity and the act of engaging or not engaging in the course of an action .

With Meyer’s statement – the audience as active co-creator- the initial starting point claims that the audience members needs perspectives and tools within its own creativity to challenge its cognitive perception as a group and as individual.

We like to engage a conversation about expectation from the audience member point of view and how the audience member would like to be engaged and challenged in a performance.
We would like to formulate question like “Is the presence of the audience already sufficient to be a co-creator?” How as audience member I deal with my desire and fear during a performance? What makes ultimately a remarkable performance? This will be a very small moment of our research towards the production of this project but we are looking forwards to design this session in three phases: a small showing of material, engage interactive physicality with the group and conduct a conversation with the aim to gather ideas that could eventually be develop later in the process.

3 & 4 November 2017

Moving Lanscape | Presentation Ronald Bal

Uitnodiging | Invitation | Moving Landscape: presentation at Cloud/Danslab


For English please scroll down.

Moving Landscape

Datum: vrijdag 25 augustus 2017
Tijdstip: 20:00 uur
Locatie: Cloud/Danslab
DCR – De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b
2518 RA Den Haag

U bent van harte uitgenodigd bij de studio-presentatie Moving Landscape op vrijdag 25 augustus 2017, om 20:00 uur bij Cloud/Danslab.

Moving Landscape ontvouwt zich als multidisciplinair onderzoek naar het concept landschap in performance kunst. Kunstenaar Ronald Bal transformeert Cloud Danslab tot een hybride plek, waar performers uit verschillende disciplines (dans, circus en beeldende kunst), middels het lichaam antwoord zoeken rondom de verbeelding van het concept landschap. Het resultaat is een performance-installatie met sculpturale en abstracte dans die relaties aangaan met de schilderijen van Mondriaan.

In Moving Landscape zet Bal de relatie tussen de schilder- en performance kunst, figuratief en abstract, manipulatie en natuur op scherp. Door de zintuiglijke en denkbeeldige condities van de schilder Mondriaan voorop te stellen, ontstaat een speelruimte voor ontmoeting met verschillende artistieke disciplines.

De presentatie Moving Landscape is het eerste resultaat van Bal’s onderzoek naar het concept landschap en wordt in de komende maanden verder ontwikkeld als performance-installatie.

Performers en co-choreografie: Ralph Öllinger en Jorga Lok (circus artist), 黃祥昀 (hsiang-yun), Larysa Bauge (performance artist), Sonia Zini (danser) en James Hewitt (muzikant)

Kostuums: Aliki van der Kruijs
Filmmakers: Gemma Groot en Dorien Pfauth

Met dank aan: Hans Janssen, Judith Kadee, Jérôme Meyer, Fazle Shairmahomed

English version

You are cordially invited to the studio presentation Moving Landscape, on August 25, 2017 at 8 pm at Cloud/Danslab.

Moving landscape unfolds as a multidisciplinary research on the concept of landscape in performance art. Artist Ronald Bal transforms Cloud Danslab into a hybrid place, where performers from different disciplines (dance, circus, and visual arts), explore embodied responses to the imagination of the concept landscape. This results in a performance installation with a sculptural and abstract dance that relate to the paintings of Mondrian.

In Moving Landscape, Bal sharpens the relationship between painting and performance art, the figurative and the abstract, manipulation and nature. By emphasizing the sensory and imaginary conditions of the painter Mondrian, a playing field arises for an encounter between different artistic disciplines.

The presentation of Moving Landscape is the first result of Bal’s research on the concept of landscape and will be developed further in the coming months into a performance-installation.

Performers: Ralph Öllinger and Jorga Lok (circus artist), 黃祥昀 (hsiang-yun), Larysa Bauge (performance artist), Sonia Zini (dancer) and James Hewitt (musician)

Costumes: Aliki van der Kruijs
Filmmaker: Gemma Groot and Dorien Pfauth

Thanks to: Hans Janssen, Judith Kadee, Jérôme Meyer, Fazle Shairmahomed

Ronald Bal

Moving Lanscape made possible by the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Presentation | 3X3Generations | June 10

CLOUD is proud to present the edition  of 3X3Generations #3
on June 10th at 20:00.
Please check our: Facebook event

Nine performers, three from each generation, from advanced amateurs to professional dancers are creating an open composition
This blind-date encounter start in the afternoon with a workshop.

LINE-UP: Elena Sgarbi, Josse Vessies, Fazle Shairmahomed, Bahar Farshchi, Jozef Sloots, Johan Wijlage, Elena Iachininoto, Rachel de Wolff and Alina Fejzo.

Moderator: Eline van Ark.

Doors open at 19:30 at DCR
Start at 20:00
Entrance fee € 5

Many thanks to Dansdrift and CLOUD/Danslab
Powered by  CLOUD  Jérôme