Creative HUBS exchange

Creative HUBS exchange


At times, as choreographers we  allow the curious spectator a unique insight into our mind by opening the doors of the studio during the creative process. This time we take it a step further by putting the audience in the center of the creation of the piece. 14 performers take you along in a playful debate about social and philosophical themes in which the audience’s role and expectation are central.

We invite you to join 8 sessions
at CLOUD/danslab on:
Tuesday 6 September 19:00
Tuesday 4 October 19:00
Tuesday 8 November 19:00
Friday 11 November 16:30
Friday 9 December 16:30
Thursday 15 December 20:00 Preview Korzo
Sunday 22 January 16:00 Korzo

You can join for one exchange, or a few.
Its your choice, its for free, its an open moment.

You might want to register for the free HUBS at
www.korzo/nl/hubs or show on time at the location


Premiere 10 February 2017