Propose a residency!

Everyone is welcome to work at CLOUD. If you’re looking for a space to practice, to rehearse, to develop a piece, or any project on movement, space, the body and the senses, CLOUD might be place for you. We welcome professionals, amateurs and students.  We believe in diversity and interdisciplinary working.

Please read through if you wish to apply for a residency:

We support research through the use of our studio and its facilities (soundsystem, wifi, kitchen/office) plus our support: guidance/dancers/video documentation and PR

Residents have all the freedom and privacy to work for one or two weeks.

In return CLOUD kindly asks you to take care of the space, to document the process and to share your research in an open session at any phase of your residence. Since our community is one of our biggest resources, we are based on three pillars: researchers, organizers and audience.

Please send your proposal via email with the following:

1 – Short introduction of the participant(s), bio (CV attached as PDF) and contact info
2 – Project title and description
3 – Dates that you wish to work at the studio
Note: apply latest 3 months in advance of your proposed date

CLOUD focus points:

1) Encouraging interdisciplinary approaches within the field of movement research and performance.

2) How to bridge the gap between ordinary audiences and avant-garde artists of today.

3) Finding meaningful ways of documenting researches to continue further and online


What is your research question?

What are you planning to do during the research?

If this residency is part of a longer research process? Where are you in this process? What has happened before, what do you wish to do after?

We would like to encourage you to actively connect to the neighborhood of the CLOUD studio, the city and the people of The Hague, art related professionals or other specialists/communities.

How do you plan to engage other people (neighbors, strangers, audience) in your research?- What kind of output do you want to create (documents, practices, exchange, new plans) Why do you research what you research?

Also if you’d like to give a workshop, a class or jam, please email us. We usually divide the income between CLOUD and the teacher.