Flow Fusion Movement class

Are you seeking a greater connection with your body, a sense of movement and engagement? Flow Fusion Fit movement class, where you can bridge the gap to your authentic story and explore new emotions through movement.

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In this training, you will experience a variety of practices such as breathwork, shaking, stretching, spiraling, contact impro, improvisation, and a space where your creativity can flourish.

Join us for an immersive movement experience that will allow you to connect with your sensations and embrace physicality. With over 20 years of teaching experience, this session is accessible to anyone with an open mind.

In these classes, we create an environment of freedom, where we can deeply feel and connect on multiple levels. It’s a space for exploring the physical realm, where we unlock a world of sensations and embrace our bodies as a playground. Through authentic and constantly evolving movements, we tap into our inner music, energy, and presence, fostering a sense of connection and self-expression.

Here you can expect to dive into your own mastery of free flow.

1.Physical landing: I want to connect to my sense, sensation, feelings and work on my capacity to work with a sensible body

2.Improvisation: I want to have more tools to compose with my body in the space, with the time and with other bodies

3.Contact improvisation: I want to gain trust on how to dialogue and give my weight to my partner

Jerome has danced in world renowned companies such as Batsheva dance company, Nederlands Dans Theater, Scapino ballet and his own company. He has developed a unique narrative with body, mind and energy workouts.


Spring cycle starting Monday April 15 2024
Every Monday 18:45-20:15
Starting 15 Aprilfor 11 classes Included 3 Ecstatic Monday:
13th May 10th June 1st July

Cycle of 11 classes including Ecstatic Monday’s

Support bird 140€
Normal bird 120€
Low income bird 100€
Student 50€
Drop-in 13€
Drop-in student 7€

Let’s dance our 50 shades of energy

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Little bio
I am Jerome Meyer, also known as the Dancing Monk Wizard. With over 30 years of experience and a career that has taken me to dance on five continents and 32 countries, I have developed a unique approach of powerful movement exploration and breath work.
My passion and energy have been key to my achievement as a teacher and performer.
My mission is to empower individuals like you on a self-discovery journey through flow and shake movement, which supercharge the body, heal trauma and boost overall well-being.
I have helped hundreds of dance lovers, yoga students, and even newcomers achieve their goals, unlocking their potential through my flow movement classes.

What do we do at Flow Fusion movement class?
We recharge our batteries and celebrate our bodies in 90 minutes with exercices while exploring your personal life book and create on the spot new pages with movements, each time with fresh intention. 

As always, I will guide you through the 90 minutes and this brand new cycle of 11 experiences.

Experience the transformative power of Flow Movement Class, where we invite you to step into a realm of boundless freedom. Here, we embrace emotions and forge deep connections on multiple levels, fostering a sense of unity. Join us in a captivating journey of physical exploration, where we unlock the gateway to exhilarating sensations and cultivate an expansive playground for authentic, ever-evolving movements. Through this exploration, we connect with our inner music, tap into our boundless energy, and radiate a captivating presence. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery and growth.

Spring Dance retreat 18-20 May 2024 link here