Hilal Dance – Contemporary Egyptian with Laura De Gaspari

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Date(s) - 25/05/2019
14:00 - 18:00



Baladi is the urban dance of the cities, born around the 20th century when rural communities migrated to Cairo and brought their traditional rhythms and customs.

Baladi speaks to me deeply: it evokes an energy of transformation, departing from what is known towards unknown places, facing the unexpected, opening to new perceptions and finding back oneself renewed. This energy asks us to be centred and self-connected.

Its rural origin naturally demands to be strongly rooted in our centre and be attentive to the inner flow of energy in our body. We can then move powerfully yet smoothly and elegantly from a connected body and express inner motions.

Hilal Dance is the art work created by Suraya HIlal. It embodies for me this energy of renewal and transformation. Through a language movement rooted in Arabic/Egyptian culture, Hilal Dance expands into a contemporary idiom.

The workshops is open to all levels, up to professional .
Based on the Hilal Dance technique, we will use the Baladi style to work on the concept of the grounded body, purity of lines and the creation of the dynamic flow from the feet upward through the legs, spine and torso up to neck and head. Our body acquires strength, inner power and inner fluidity.

Baladi awakens joy and a sense of vitality.

I look forward to dancing with you! Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. To enrol please send me a PM or e-mail. Thank you

Cost: early bird 40 euros before 11th May. 50 euros after that date

No refund possible.

Registration: lmdegaspari@gmail.com