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AS nocturnals – drawing restraint

Saturday 12 January 17:00 – Screening Drawing Restraint 9 (Matthew Barney – Björk)

Image result for drawing restraint 9

For our third event we will screen a pick by Sophia Bulgakova.
Some crunchy food and pillows will set the stage for an informal discussion around the film and Sophia’s thesis (on limitations as a catalyst for creativity).

To join please sign up with:
Doors close at 17.00 pm sharp 

As Nocturnals is a recurring event where we ArtScience graduates come together to develop art pieces and exercises through mutual support.
Films/docus etc. relevant to our thesis/graduating research will be projected at Cloud on a regular basis.

No preparation or introduction needed.
Donations welcome.

Do-in yoga 7.12.18 cancelled

Dear Cloudies and beyond, unfortunately the Do-In class by Laura DeGaspari won’t happen tomorrow (Saturday 7.12.18)

Classes will resume with Oriental Dance Techniques with Aisha at 11.15 am. Hope to see you there! 

Dancing Inside Collective- Workshops-

 Dancing Inside Collective – workshops

How do we use our range of emotions to relate to ourselves and other?

Dancing Inside offer a series of workshops where we explore the emotional content behind our ways of moving and relating. 

The focus will be on unfolding and translating the metaphorical dance experience into a support in the everyday life. 

Dates and Times:

20.1. Giving: moving oneself toward the other.

27.1. Getting: moving other toward oneself.

3.2.  Removing: moving other away from oneself.

10.2. Escaping: moving oneself away from other.

Time: 16.-18.00

We will explore these actions not only from the functional, but also from the emotional and relational perspective to gain a deeper understanding of how we embody, express and interpret them. Using movement improvisation and verbal reflection we try to integrate our thinking, feeling and doing bodies.

Throughout the workshops we hope to discover the body as a source of information. We hope to offer an opportunity for participants to learn more about themselves through movement.

Cloud DansLAB 

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b

2518 RA Den Haag


Four encounters: €100

Reduced rate: €60

Max. Number of participants: 15

Sign up:

Claudia:  (tel. 06 10 10 06 71)

Meri: (tel. 06 38 72 09 51)

About Dancing Inside Collective:

Claudia and Meri met during their studies at Codarts. Since then they have collaborated on experimenting and creating methodologies based on movement improvisation exercises that allow emotional content to arise. Dancing Inside Collective offers a creative platform for curious people to learn more about themselves through dance and movement. 

Claudia Scaringella: First class BA honour in Choreography and Dance (UK) and student of Master of Arts Therapies (dance movement therapy), Codarts, Rotterdam. Dance improvisation teacher and dancer.

Meri Erkkila: First class BA honour in Performing Arts (UK); student of Master of Arts Therapies (dance movement therapy), Codarts, Rotterdam. Ashtanga yoga teacher.

December Residency 10th-21st Fernando Troya

Born in Madrid, 1989 Fernando Troya has a classical dance background. He is a former dancer at NDT II. He is and independent artist since the end of 2015. He is thoroughly trying to develop a practice that brings him to new places. Talking about subject that matter to him in a personal way.

In his research he is inspired by departing or arriving from images, characters, emotions or situations given by Goya’s works.
This time he is back in the studio to explore more the acting and comical side of emotions that arise from the artist works.

Reminiscente: is a new production by Fernando Troya to be created as a series of chapters in the form of short pieces. These chapters may be performed independently and/or combined (adapting to the needs of the venue), and ultimately culminate in a full length performance.

The chapters will be connected through the concept, aesthetics and structural basis: Francisco Goya: prestigious oeuvre is the main source of inspiration for the aesthetic appearance and content of this new creation.

In Goya’s work mixing dreams, historical events around his time and popular fears and myths; witches, demons, anthropomorphised
animals; nightmares become real in a world where the limits of different dimensions become very fine and seem to permeate one another.

He will be using Goya oeuvre to fuel the physical research. He will not stick to one particular phase of his work, but extending the study to his entire life. Using the wide range of imagery we bring to life a new journey of our own.


Dance whatever is there. Dance does not have to be nice. No judgement.
Only expression of what is.
Dance is a medicine, what we give to ourselves by ourselves.
So let me be your guide, so that you can become your own Guru!
And lets our journey to the light begin now and here.
Breathe in and out and move.
I am thrilled with enthusiasm. Ohh yes, really!
I am falling in love with Holland. Why? Because I’m taking over Saryo´s
I invite you on this journey through body, mind and soul, through emotions and 
the cosmic boat of imagination. I choose my music in the moment and follow the
energy and the invitation is to explore different life topics. We follow the same structure of how Saryo gave the evenings, I only add my flavour to it.  Also, my
goal is the same – to experience the deepness of our heart & soul and become 
more conscious and compassionate human beings. The taste of the evenings will be different because I am a woman, wild and soft and sometimes a witch, but always
with a sense of humour.
My music is not one style, not one rhythm. Like in life or during the day, we
move through lots of stories, cycles and waves and during our dance, we do as well.
So for this, we need a lot of diversity in the music. Ahhh – and no, I am not
5Rhythms or Open floor teacher.
I am a theatermaker, long term dancer of these great techniques and in the last
several years I develop, explore and fine tune my own technique, where I connect
Dance, Ritual and Theater with a taste of Martial arts. It is called “STEP OUT OF
THE STORY“.  As a theatermaker,  I can direct a play on the stage, I can
write one and I can dance the Story of it.
Wednesday 19 December

The Reading Room #30 at CLOUD

The edges of the voice

8th and 9th of December

Guest Readers: Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman and Amelia Groom

Texts by: Anne Carson and Eduardo Kohn

In this cluster we will be delving into texts and practices that explore the limits and potentials of vocal expression. We will be looking at two texts that approach questions of voice and silence/ing through very different entry points; that of the non-human semiotic worlds of the rainforest, and that of the gendered politics inherent in determining how and whether voices are heard. Departing from their respective practices dealing with the question of the voice, Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman and Amelia Groom will guide us through experimental and in-depth discourses that may broaden our perceptions of where we hear voices, when we speak up, and when we deliberately deploy silence.

The second part of the cluster is a workshop led by artist/vocalist Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman, in which we will explore the texts and our many voices, by assembling an experimental “non-human choir”. Aurélie will guide us through physical and vocal exercises focusing on onomatopoeia, non-linguistic sounds, and the untapped possibilities within the repertoires of our non-adult and non-human voices (baby, animal, spirits, etc.). The workshop is suitable for complete beginners as well as professionals in the fields of vocal practice, and is open to participants of any age.

Note from the curators

There are a limited number of spaces available for this event. As this is a discussion, you are expected to have read the provided texts before attending. Please reserve a spot by sending an email to We will also provide you with a copy of the texts once you have RSVP’d.

The Reading Room is organised by Jonathan Reus, Sissel Marie Tonn and Flora Reznik. With thanks to support from Stroom Den Haag and the Dutch Creative Industries Fund, and our production partner the Instrument Inventors Initiative.

Invited Guests

Amelia Groom is a Berlin-based writer, and currently a postdoctoral research fellow at ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry, where she is working on an art historical project about stones. Since 2014 she has taught on the Critical Studies MA at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, and she was also the theory tutor for the Master of Voice programme at the Sandberg (2016-2018).

Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman’s oeuvre balances between radio, installation, performance, vocal art and composition, with her extensive collection of unique field recordings and soundscapes from rural and urban East-Africa serving as the common denominator. Soundbite by soundbite she transforms and molds all those sounds into something she describes as “Afrique Concrète”. In addition to this, she constantly premieres new music by emerging young composers from around the globe in a multiplicity of styles. Lierman is a former radio maker and host at the national Belgian broadcasting corporation and co-created two Nurse With Wound albums.


AS Nocturnals

Saturday 8 December 20:00

As Nocturnals is a recurring event where we ArtScience graduates come together to develop art pieces and exercises through mutual support.

Most evenings will be open to the public.

Saturday 8th December 8.00 pm – Screening Into Darkness (Rachida el Garani) / Land of Silence and Darkness (Werner Herzog)

Image result for into darkness rachida el garani

Image result for land of silence and darkness

For our second event we will screen two picks by Aisha Pagnes. Some crunchy food and pillows will set the stage for an informal discussion around the film and Aisha’s thesis (on blindness).

Films/docus etc. relevant to our thesis/graduating research will be projected at Cloud on a regular basis.

No preparation or introduction needed.

To join please sign up with:

Residency Renske Maria

Residency Renske Maria
26 November – 9 December
Presentation 7 December 18:00 

During these weeks Renske will work on and abstraction of the teigyoku-ken teahouse and garden in Kyoto, Japan. Based on it’s unique movement patterns, characterized by for example zig-zags, reversed perspectives and super small doors to crawl through, she will work on a an abstract version that enlightens it’s movement patterns. In this two weeks she hopes to finish and test a 1:1 mock-up that she will further develop for an exhibition I work on that will presented in Brussels (march 2019) and Delft (may 2019).

About Renske Maria
Renske Maria operates at the crossroad between the academic and the professional world. She pioneers in the transdisciplinary research and design field that studies the architectural body. The architectural body, is understood as the crucial bodily dimension that gives way to the emergence of (alternative)meaning and values through social-environmental interaction. Using artistically and designerly methods Renske Maria currently develops a unique movement based approach towards contemporary architecture within the Radical Materiality Research Group at KU Leuven in Brussels (BE).Starting from comparative studies between eastern and western disciplines such as philosophy, art, architecture, environmental ecology, neuroscience but also body-work, physical education an clinical rehabilitation research Renske Maria’s research and architectural craftsmanship inspire to move and think differently. Renske Maria was selected as promising young Dutch architect by the jury of the ‘The future of Craftsmanship in architecture’ symposium at the Venice biennale in 2014. She is lecturer in ArtScience and interactive spatial design at the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague. Renske Maria graduated in architecture at the Technical University of Delft (NL). She worked for architectuurstudio Herman Hertzberger, Amsterdam (NL) and Atelier Li Xiaodong, Beijing (CHN). Between 2009 and 2011 Renske Maria co-initiated Vision included; a pro-active design practice and discussion platform. Between 2013 and 2017 she co-founded ALPEH, a cross-academic laboratory for the exploration of progressive heuristics with its emphasis on philosophy as creative practice.

Creative HUB exchange

SOUL#3 CO-CREATION,  the new work

The creative hubs exchange is an opportunity to witness a process and to share ideas about the future of an art work: a dance performance

With this new part of the SOUL serie Jerome and Isabelle question the concept of co-creation in the context of dance theater performance and see the role that play such approach in the making of and in the result of the performance self.

With the SOUL project they are engaging reflection about audience’s freedom and free will, about identity and the act of engaging or not engaging in the course of an action.

With Meyer and Chaffaud’s statement – the audience, the performers and the makers as active co-creator force, how far can we go together to create an intellectually engaged work as well as an immersive unique experience?

When: 23 November
Where: CLOUD/danslab

We start at 19:00
A free soup will be served from 18:00

Expect ending at 20:30
Reserve here:
More info about the dance company here

Facebook event is here

New class starting 17th of November: Hilal Dance

Contemporary Egyptian Dance

Hilal dance is the art-dance based on the creative, performative and educational work of avant-garde artist Suraya Hilal. We work on the natural flowing of energy in our body; from our roots through the legs, spine, torso and head in a series of connected and creative movements. We will make use of classical and contemporary Middle Eastern music, integrated with other genres and at times live music.

All levels and genders welcome.

Saturdays from 12.15 to 13.45
(times and dates may change each semester, send us a mail)

More Info:

Laura Maria De Gaspari is a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer with over 20 years experience and a yoga teacher in training. (Do in Academy, Leiden)


Góbi dance workshop | Modern Body Festival

Friday 2 November  17:30 – 19:30  €20-

Come and find your own movements!

With the help of Góbi’s training and your inner concentration you can reach a new level of free dance. The classes will start with a warming-up session, to move all the bodyparts, and will contain free choreographic opportunities, ‘guided’ improvisation. The focus of the class is on each one of the participants, so at the end of the session everyone will have his or her own choreography.
Beginners, intermediates and professional dancers are also welcome!

Time: 17:30 – 19:30  doors open at 17:00 hours
Participation fee: 20 euro cash at the door (in combination with Modern Body Festival ticket 15 euro cash at the door)
Registration by mail:

About Rita Góbi
Rita Góbi graduated at Hungarian Dance Academy as dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Her really unique and uncanny choreographies are constructed by repetitive, miniature movements and grotesque, animalistic, distorted elements. She loves the physicality of the body and its extremes.
Rita has already given many workshops and masterclasses not only in Hungary but also abroad, like in Poland, Russia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Serbia, Netherlands, Japan and in Romania.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with CLOUD/danslab & Modern Body Festival. Check out the full program of Modern Body Festival here

Residency Dominique Baron-Bonarjee

Residency 5 – 13 October
Presentation Saturday 13 October 18.00
Facebook event
What do we know about free time?
Technology is accelarating all aspects of our lives: our responses, thoughts, reactions, and our own physiological systems, our nerves, our muscles, our brains. We are trying to keep up with the sidereal speed of our tools. The paradox is that automation is set to liberate humans from work and labour, so what will we do with this time? What do we know about free time after all?
I will be developing a lecture-performance which gathers my research around this question. Through participatory sessions I have been running in Berlin with freelancers, and my own methods of embodied research, I have been exploring the impact of this inquiry on notions of self-worth and identity attached to social role.
My aim is to poetically weave together resonances, from micro to macro, from measure to the immeasurable, and interrogate our current ideas of progress, efficiency and value.
About Dominique Baron-Bonarjee
Dominique  is an artist based between London and Berlin and working internationally. Her research begins with the body is at once material, object, consciousness, simultaneously malleable, resistant and enmeshed within vaster temporal dimensions. Through methods of listening and response, her practice maps out emergent connections, which aim at creating glitches in existing systems.  An engagement with Eastern philosophy and belief systems opens her practice to alternate modes of thought, which interrogate normativity by considering animate, inanimate, human and non-human along a line of equality. Her PhD research ‘Space for the Nameless’ posits an open system where the edge is a place of encounter with the unknown. Her practice is one of uncertainty and indeterminacy, process where outcomes interweave theoretical constellations of liveness, choreography, moving image, drawing, objects and writing.

She is currently an Art PhD candidate, Goldsmith’s University of London

instagram @dominiquebbee