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Residency: Fazle Shairmahomed

Internal bodily movements related to emotionality

What is it that you see?
What is it that you understand?
What is it that you experience?
What does it mean when all this is being shared with others? 


EN: Internal bodily movements related to emotionality

This research has a particular interest in our changing understanding about the ways in which we are able to understand ourselves and the world around us. For studying this mechanism I focus on themes of the senses, (un)consciousness, and more in particular the theme of emotionality. In my approach I aim to connect scientific, artistic, and esoteric approaches and understandings. Therefore the object of departure is open to the mind, body, and soul. These can all be departed from each other, exclusively, and in particular combination.

The two residencies and experiment at CLOUD@Danslab have been a preparation for a long-term research which will start in Spring 2014 with a group of twenty five children of 10 years old. We will collaborate every five years, which will repeat for an undetermined period of time. With these children I will explore their perception, interpretation and sensation of internal bodily movements related to emotionality. Both in the preparation and research that will start in Spring 2014 the methodology develops through writings, drawings, discussions, interviews, and movement. In the preparation a scientific approach is also recognized through the principle that we build knowledge upon each other. Instead of building a theoretical framework merely on basis of acknowledged theorists as is usually done in science, I approach every person being involved so far as a ‘theorists’. Every individual has its personal worldview, and thus theory, which is extremely relevant for the exchange I aim to establish.

In the two residencies I worked with a couple and a group, whom I asked to prepare a diary on their internal bodily movements related to emotionality. Through sets of exercises, writings on their experiences, discussions, and evaluative interviews I was able to understand more how they perceive these different words in combination with each other. Moreover, the strategies that they use to understand the material that they were working with. In-depth discussions that involved from this enabled me to map debates for the coming long-term research in Spring.

In the experiment I was also interested in strategies that people use to understand the material that they are working with. However, the material was quite different. A group of twenty-five people was given the task to get from a sitting position into a standing position in 15 minutes while being blindfolded. Individual experiences differed and collided at the same time. Instead of in-depth discussions, the discussions were broadened. This experiment will be approached once again during the Winterfestival, 18th January 2014 in Theatre De Vaillant in the Hague.

Fazle Shairmahomed is from the Hague. On-going anthropological research in Bosnia-Herzegovina has inspired him to explore how meaning is being given to social phenomenon. This initiated the start for research on the ability to experience emotions.

NL: Interne lichamelijk bewegingen verbonden aan emotionaliteit 

Dit onderzoek heeft een specifieke interesse in de veranderende manieren waarin wij in staat zijn om  onszelf  en de wereld om ons heen te zien en te begrijpen. In het bestuderen van dit mechanisme is er een focus op thema’s zoals het zingtuiglijk vermogen, het (on)bewustzijn, en met name emotionaliteit. In de benadering van dit onderzoek probeer ik wetenschappelijke, artistieke, en esoterische benaderingen en perspectieven te verbinden. Het object van de studie is dan ook open voor de geest, het lichaam en de ziel. Deze kunnen in elkaar overgaan, exclusief worden gezien, of in specifieke combinatie worden benaderd.

De twee residenties en experiment bij CLOUD@Danslab waren een voorbereiding voor een lange-termijn onderzoek welke zal starten in de lente van 2014 met een groep van vijfentwintig kinderen van 10 jaar. Er zal een samenwerking tot stand komen om periodes van vijf jaar, welke zich zal herhalen voor een onbepaalde tijd. Met deze kinderen zal ik hun perceptie, interpertatie en sensatie van interne lichamelijke bewegingen verbonden aan emotionaliteit  exploreren. De methodologie in de voorbereidingen en het onderzoek welke zal starten in de lente van 2014, ontwikkelt zich uit geschreven teksten, tekeningen, discussies, interviews en beweging. Een wetenschappelijke benadering wordt erkend middels het principe dat kennis wordt opgebouwd in navolging van bestaande kennis. In het vormgeven van een theoretisch kader benader ik elk individu als een ‘theoreticus’, in tegenstelling tot de wetenschap welke in eerste instant theoretisch kader vormt op basis van erkende theoretici. Elk individu heeft een persoonlijk wereldbeeld, en dus een theorie, welke zeer relevant is voor de uitwisseling die ik tot stand probeer te brengen.

Gedurende de twee residenties heb ik gewerkt met een duo en een groep, die ik gevraagd heb om een dagboek voor te bereidingen over hun interne lichamelijke bewegingen verbonden aan emotionaliteit. Middels sets van oefeningen, teksten over hun ervaringen, discussies en evaluerende interviews was het mogelijk voor mij om enigszins te begrijpen hoe zij deze verschillende woorden in combinatie met elkaar zien. Maar vooral de strategiën die gebruikt worden door hen om het material te begrijpen waarmee zij werkten. De in-depth discussies die hieruit voortkwamen maakte het mogelijk voor mij om debatten in kaart te brengen voor het komende lange-termijn onderzoek in de lente.

In het experiment was ik ook geinteresseerd in strategiën die mensen gebruiken om het materiaal te begrijpen waarmee gewerkt wordt. Maar het materiaal was anders dan in de residentie. Een groep van vijfentwintig mensen kreeg de opdracht om van zittende houding tot staande houding te komen in 15 minuten met geblinddoekte ogen. Individuele ervaringen verschilde en kwamen tegelijkertijd samen.  In plaats van in-depth discussies, konden de discussies zich ontwikkelingen in de breedte. Dit experiment zal nogmaals benaderd worden tijdens het Winterfestival op 18 januari 2014 in Theater De Vaillant in Den Haag.

Fazle Shairmahomed is afkomstig uit Den Haag. Doorlopend antropologisch onderzoek in Bosnië-Herzegovina heeft hem geïnspireerd om te onderzoeken hoe er betekenis wordt gegeven aan sociaal fenomenen. Dit gaf aanleiding tot het ontwikkelen van onderzoek naar het vermogen om emoties te ervaren.


Residency Lea Canu Ginoux

From 26 to 31/08/2012


Echoing Perpection Reserach 1/ Renaissance

A work in progress, a first step into the research about the notion of ‘echo’ and ‘silence’.

A proposal to enter a dynamic meditative space.

It’s two years I’ve been thinking about doing a simple work, where the core movement would be the physical engagement into an extreme slow motion. The body is becoming a sculptural being.
The path drawn on the floor is a calligraphic transposition of my signature. Emerged into slow motion, I keep tracing and re-borning through my signature.

The sounds of my movements are almost unperceivable, but the presence and density of the slow motion generates a deep attention into the details of my movements. One could hear/imagine the sounds connection to what is seen.
when the sound comes amplified, it is echoing what had happened, it is sounds of the begging of the slow motion…
The body vanishing in shadow, and the dark room plunge our ears into the retransmission of sounds which have been process…
Along this path, there is an offer to allow silence and rest.

Residency Matteo Graziano

Matteo Graziano (1984) is a choreographer, director and performer with academic level and over 6 years experience with leading production houses in the Netherlands and Italy (Emio Greco PC / ICKamsterdam, DANSMAKERS Amsterdam, De Nederlandse Opera, P. Grassi). As a performer, he has 10 years of experience in contemporary dance.

In his choreographic work, Matteo is inspired by broad abstract concepts and themes from which he draws artistic research questions, (re)discovering the dormant layers of creativity in himself and his performers. He is comfortable in combining academic research inputs together with instinctual and poetic imagination. His performances are said to be ‘solid, physical and philosophical at the same time’ and that ‘give the audience something to think about, to discuss and to feel’.

From 6 to 19/8/2012

Residency Barbara Ebner

From 11/06 to 22/06/2012

Originally coming from south Germany, Barbara is an artist, freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. During her dance and choreography studies at ArtEZ Arnhem, she developed a strong interest in collaborative work. She is working in a close dialog with colleagues, other art forms and fields outside of the arts with which a connection might seem farfetched in the first place. Together they are looking for a shared level of abstraction which enables the senses to join forces in the experience of art and life.
Her main fascination simply keeps on being movement, the body and the language that becomes alive with both together. The subtle and intimate qualities of performance in the present moment made her investigate more and more in the field of improvisation and instant composition – at the heart and potential of creative processes.

As choreographer and dancer/performer she is working in various often interdisciplinary projects and collectives mostly in the Netherlands in and around Arnhem; currently with Komma4, Poezie Plus, Walking Faces and CCCompass (a collective founded with Eline van Ark). Furthermore she is co-founder of LABSCAPE Barefoot Experiments, an interdisciplinary improvisation platform – since 2011 organizing a once a month experiment space for artists and everyone interested. In addition to that she is sharing her fascination and enthusiasm for improvisation and instant composition in her teaching, where she often works on bridging both contemporary technique and improvisation. Currently she is giving workshops and Improvisation/Composition at the Fast Track MBO education and the ArtEZ dance academy, Arnhem.

Residency Keren Rosenberg

Independent dancer/ choreographer & gaga teacher. In CLOUD from 30/5 to 10/6/2012


Keren performing in August 2012:

Keren Rosenberg, the first certified teacher from the pilot teacher training program of Ohad Naharin’s Gaga language and a leading choreographer-Dancer when it comes to building Cultural bridges via Dance (with Iceland & The Netherlands & Ireland).

Collaborating artists – Gudrun oskarsdottir, Lydia Gretarsdottir, Eilit Marom and Yigal Tzur.

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