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The Crossroad | Residency Roberta Štěpánková and Amund Røe

CLOUD is thrilled to welcome Roberta Štěpánková (Slovakia) and Amund Røe (Norway) for their residency in The Hague (September 19-24, 2016). You are welcome to join their presentation on Friday 23rd at 20.30.

Roberta will be also sharing a introspective dance class on Saturday 24th, from 10 – 12:00.

Read more about the process:

Our common work began in autumn 2014. In our collaboration, we have been focused on our experience of space in the process of music and dance composition and in the act of performance. The common question has been ´how do we experience the (inner/outer) space in composition and how does considering this informs the work process´.

In 2015, we made a short piece: (In) spaces, where the music part is set and the movement part is instantly composed. This piece was played in The Netherlands and France.

After the initial work, we wish to bring our collaboration further by spending time in a studio working together. During the residency at Cloud, we would like to work on deepening our communication in composition. By doing and reflecting, we will focus on the moments of clear contact between the sound/music and movement/dance. We want to identify and evolve the tools we need to compose in a dialogue. We are keen on exploring the element of unpredictability in composition while maintaining clarity.

At the end of our residency, we will present our work in process. On Friday the 23rd of September in CLOUD/Danslab at 20:30. You are very welcome to share this moment with us.

Class on Saturday morning 24th: movement introspection class with Roberta Štěpánková (dancer, dance/movement therapist, psychologist)

The class is a proposition to follow our reveries and provide them space to evolve within the moving body. Attention will be payed especially to a lieu and a passage that links. We will let an image unfold into the individual movement and back to an image. From there, the intimate dance will lead us towards a recognition or a new discovery in that Saturday morning.

Please bring your journal and a pen. The class is open for dancers and non-dancers.  Contribution: €7