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Residency Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves

Presentation | Monday 3 August | 18:00

Rodrigo Alves, performance and film maker presents an essay on interruption, a study on non-linear performance or the art of interruption. Yet, and most perpetually in development.

With Bryndis Brynjolfsdottir and Maurits Goossens (dancer and composer)

Rodrigo Alves studied in Lisbon’s Dance Conservatory and later finished his degree on dance performance at CODARTS, Rotterdam. As performer he worked for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, De Nationale Opera and Duo Attema-Haring.

As a maker Rodrigo is focused on the human condition, the core of humanity and animality, as means to develop works in the field of live art and film.

He has made several dance, performance and exhibition pieces in both Portugal and The Netherlands and March this year he presented his second short film ‘demora’ at OFF SCREEN, Rotterdam.

The spectator will contribute by being part of a performing state that happens with watching the performance, sitting down, coughing, clapping etc (unconscious choreography), even if silence fills the room, it will be used as an instrument for conducting the next step.

The performance, at this moment of construction, involves Scapino dancer Bryndis Brynjolfsdottir whose been part of my creative work in a previous piece and in a short film, and composer Maurits Goossens. Both act as performers of physicality as well as composers of real life sound-images; which could be the pulling of a chair, talking or water running. Finding a balance between body and sound is our second important focus.

At the end of the research week, a presentation will offered, to further the investigation on how it works with the real audience and how adaptable or destroyable it might become.