Workshop | VITESSE performance workshop | Valentina Lacmanović

Unfortunately the performance workshop VITESSE has been cancelled. Therefore we would like to inform you with another workshop by Valentina Lacmanovic in Amsterdam.

Saturday 20 June 11:00-18:00
Price: €80 if registered before 10 June  – €95 after 10 June
STUDIO SINGEL, Eerste Nassaustraat 7,  Amsterdam
Info and registration:

SPIRAAL is an original, contemporary approach to the creative process through whirling practice.  

This edition of Spiraal workshop is dedicated to TIME. Apart from intense work on sustained spinning and spiraling, fear and abandon, disorientation and body/mind (dis)connection, we shall observe the nonlinear possibilities of reading the time, its spiraling qualities and the shifted perception of it in trance-like states.

The build-up is inspired by techniques of breathing, internal martial arts and organic approach to body and mind motion.

An introduction to ritualistic elements in contemporary performance is given through structured improvisations.

SPIRAAL workshop is suitable for any person engaged in corporal practice (dancers, performers, actors, martial arts or yoga practitioners… both amateurs and professionals).

About Valentina  Lacmanović
Valentina Lacmanović is a performance artist with background in acting (studied at CNSAD (French National Academy of Dramatic Arts) and dance (studied classical and contemporary techniques in Croatia, France, Spain, Turkey, India, and the Netherlands). She also possesses a Master degree in Philosophy (Université Paris VIII).Fluent in five languages, Valentina was always attracted to variety of cultures and had been introduced to Arab-Berber, North Indian music and dance and has always practiced martial arts. From 2001 onwards, her work has been focused on creating solo and collaborative performances inspired by rituals and female expression in dances of trance. Nowadays she works and lives between Amsterdam, Zagreb and Paris. Her main focus is the creation of contemporary performances and video installations inspired by philosophical reflection on ritual practices and transformative performance acts. She continues her research on convergences and divergences between contemporary visions of performance and enacting of ancient rituals.

Performance Workshop VITESSE  

VITESSE is a workshop that focuses mainly on timing –  extreme speed and slow motion as well as making choices within an open structure. It is a two-days training by Valentina Lacmanović ending in public presentation of the work-in-progress.

VITESSE is a training that challenges the participants to dive into extreme tempos without losing presence or focus, and to keep the “point zero” of inner calm within the pressure of decision-making. The goal is to find out how to deal with the notion of time in condensed, performance-like situations and sharpen the body /mind response to intuition.

Program of the training

  • warm – up inspired by internal martial arts and breathing techniques
  • testing the individual limits within extreme tempos during simple but physically and mentally  challenging exercises
  • understanding structure and finding freedom within the precise tasks
  • building awareness of the functions of the mind within decision-making process and responses of the body to it
  • brief theoretical insight into the notion of Time through the evolution of  performance art


Dates: Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 May 2015
Time: 14:00 – 18:00
Costs: € 30 euros for one day training  € 50 for both days
Level: for anyone engaged in regular dance/movement practice

Please register before 12th of May by mail to

Payment details will be provided by mail, and registration confirmed when payment arrived on bank account of CLOUD/Danslab

OPEN DOORS for audience: 17th of May at 18:30
Price: donation