Residency | Writing and reading movement | Emilie Gallier

8 – 15 December

The research ‘In print: writing and reading movement’, aims to investigate the possible impact of scores and choreographic objects on the spectators qualities of participation. How can the artefacts of choreography encourage the encounter between spectators during the choreographic event, in the acts of thinking with others and of welcoming complexity?

Emilie Gallier works on these questions as a long-term research. During this residency she works on her PhD proposal based on this long-term research project.

About Emilie Gallier
Emilie Gallier (France, 1984) is choreographer, artist researcher, teacher and director of the PØST Cie.
Her work probes ways to expand boundaries. It shows recurring subjects of imagination, sensation and thought; and of relation between spectator and performer.
In 2012, she graduated from the Master in Choreography of ArtEZ (Arnhem). In this frame she initiated her research on choreographic writings, spectatorship, and the philosophical lens of Dorsality (considering the back, unseen, tactile). Before that, she studied pedagogy in Paris (RIDC), History of Arts at the University of Rennes, Laban-cinetography at the Conservatoire, and choreography at the PRCC directed by Myriam Gourfink.
Since her first piece (Ambiance, 2004), she adopted an expanded understanding of choreography. Her dance performances, installations, scores, books, lectures, and workshops have been presented in contexts such as the ICK choreographic arts center, Dansmakers, Generale Oost, Wintertuin literature festival, Scheltema, ArtEZ Dansacademie, Uferstudios, Paris 8, Sogn-of-Fjordane Theatre.