Billie’s Roos | Billie Hanne

Billie’s Roos, mythe en been in het Regentessekwartier

Poet and dancemaker Billie Hanne will share her work in performances and workshops. A collaboration with CLOUD and several other art venues in Regentessekwartier, Den Haag



07 May DEEP BROWN SEA (solo)            at Whispering Wall, Weimarstraat 56, 7€
10 May VANDEWEYER AND HANNE IN CONCERT  at Studio Loos, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B, 7€
13 May MELCHIOR (company piece)         at De Nieuwe Regentes, Weimarstraat 63, 10€
14 May MELCHIOR (company piece)         at De Nieuwe Regentes, Weimarstraat 63, 10€

Shows take place at 20h. 14 May: Artist Talk will take place after the performance

Tickets: buy tickets here or make a reservation at


10-13 May       WORKSHOP PROFESSIONALS          10-16h, 150€
14 May          WORKSHOP AMATEURS               10-15h, 60€

Workshops take place at De Nieuwe Regentes, Weimarstraat 63

To sign up write an email to
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dbs 2

May we gather in a cathedral made of water and mud

where the heart beats like a drum

and the humming is made devoid of human sound.

The laboratories obsolete now give away their secrets

collected in iced pearls that once cascaded from mountains.

In Deep Brown Sea the world is simple and enormous. It is a giant vessel that is largely empty and every move and word echo for years. There are no transitions, nothing is to be arranged or to be accounted for. ‘Deep Brown Sea’ is a solo show by Billie Hanne.
The piece was shown in Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Thessaloniki and will later in 2016 travel to Iceland.

Dance, text, vision: Billie Hanne
Costume: Eloïse Neuville
Production: God and Bones vzw

******** Whispering Wall, Weimarstraat 56, 7€ —— buy tickets here



The milk of a star that no longer hides the flesh in ignorance.
This slender book is all about face and form. Waterborne.

An encounter between dancer, poet Billie Hanne (BE) and vibraphonist, composer Els Vandeweyer (BE).
Vandeweyer’s ability to create harmonies like virtuoso fractals and her way of zigzagging through traditional material makes for an interesting combination with Hanne’s lyrical way of creating poetry by abstracting words and morphing them into new mythologies. This is their first artistic meeting.

Els Vandeweyer is currently engaged in Quat (with Fred Van Hove, Paul Lovens, and Martin Blume); Trio Grilo (with Ute Wassermann and Aleks Kolkowski); Spin Track (with Olaf Rupp and DJ Illvibe); a duo with Fred Van Hove, and participation in two orchestras (Pascal Niggenkemper´s Vision 7 and the Serenus Zeitblom Oktett).
In the next months Billie Hanne is performing in ‘Deep Brown Sea’, a solo on tour in Europe, ‘Melchior’ and ‘All for Big B!’, two pieces by her company Wheelgod, and ‘’Mud like Gold’ by Allen’s Line, the Julyen Hamilton Company.

******** Studio Loos, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B, 7€  —— buy tickets here


13 + 14 May MELCHIOR (company piece)

coverfoto melchior

“You are stupid!”, we told the watchman. We stole his key and locked him in eternal sleep.
There he bathed and looked younger than we could ever be.
Melchior did not disapprove, but busied himself with the World elsewhere.
“What can I do?”, he said. And we too saw he was better off taking care of his plants and horses, of his dahlias and sea star collection.
I remember one of us pointing at the waves until they became transparent and we entered a new day.

MELCHIOR is the imagined space in which new action is being produced and is lightly threaded by the facts of common history, rather than the burden of it.
The action itself is sharp and precise, a direct implication of the action that precedes.
Words are spoken occasionally and reveal a poetry of place and moment, of brevity and ephemeral gravity before they are let go off and disappear.
This is a company piece performed by Wheelgod under direction of Billie Hanne for four dancers.

Dance and poetry:Johnny Schoofs, Dezso Virag, Ilse Van Haastrecht, Billie Hanne
Direction: Billie Hanne
Production: God and Bones vzw
******** De Nieuwe Regentes, Weimarstraat 63, 10€   —— buy tickets here



——> 4-day class open to dancers, musicians and other professionals or equivalent

An essential class for dancers wanting to explore and produce poetry in performance.
The dancer who makes dance and poetry from a body in motion deals with an intimate mythology that is raw and textured, three dimensional.
Technically the areas of bone and muscle in relationship to gravity are worked on to facilitate an integrated speech. Therefor tongue and body must find spatial resonance in imagery and meaning as well as in euphonic qualities. The combining of elements in space, both linear and sequential, radial and instant, unite the material and weave it into the fabric of the dance.
Poetry then is a voluminous, changing complex of body, voice, form, space and time.

10-13/05 10-16h
To enroll send an email to: (intro + cv)

******** De Nieuwe Regentes, Weimarstraat 63,



—->  1 day class

Een introductie workshop voor ieder die graag wil improviseren met dans en poëzie.
Deze cursus onderzoekt met eenvoudige instructies een intieme mythologie van lichaam en stem.
Er wordt beweging per beweging en woord voor woord gewerkt om uiteindelijk te komen tot intelligente groepscomposities.
Lichaam – spraak – ruimte – tijd als één complex geheel dat altijd in beweging is.

Open voor iedereen die zin heeft!
14/05 10h tot 15
Om zich in te schrijven stuur een mailtje naar:

******** De Nieuwe Regentes, Weimarstraat 63,


B I L L I E  H A N N E  B I O

Poet and dancer Billie Hanne makes work through radical handling of poetry and dance, of body and tongue.
Her work presents the refined body in space and reveals the matrix in which speech and action take place. The result is a rare and physical lyricism that is quick-witted in its dealing with time, space, object and light.
From May 7th till May 14th her work will be shown in different locations for performance in Den Haag as well as sharing her work process in two workshops. One for professionals, one for amateurs.
You are invited and welcome!

Billie Hanne started her artistic career as dancer and poet in the Julyen Hamilton Company ‘Allen’s Line’, in 2009. In 2012 she established Wheelgod as a platform to make ensemble pieces under her direction. Currently they are performing ‘Melchior’. A piece for four dancers. ….. She is also a growing soloist and is on tour with her solo ‘Deep Brown Sea’. This is her fifth solo work.
Billie Hanne performed in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Norway, Greece, France and later this year in Iceland
Billie’s Roos is supported by Gemeente Den Haag, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Zuid-Holland and Gravin van Bylandt Stichting