MounaMay Buikdansschool | Bellydance classes

MounaMay Buikdansschool | Bellydance classesMounaMay Buikdansschool | Bellydance classes

Tuesdays | 19:00-20:15: Bellydance classes Beginners
Tuesdays | 20:15-21:30: Bellydance classes Intermediate & Advanced

Would you like to join the Bellydance classes?
Have you always wanted to learn how to Bellydance? Or are you an experienced dancer and
do you want to improve your technique? Or are you just curious what Oriental
dance actually is and if it would be something for you?
Visit the website and register for a trial class online and find
out yourself. If you already took classes with MounaMay Bellydance School before, you are
welcome to sign up for a new course.

About MounaMay Buikdansschool
MounaMay Bellydance School provides weekly bellydance classes and started in 2008. You
can join classes of various levels, from beginner to advanced for adults as well as children.
The classes on Tuesdays are at Cloud Dancelab. The classes on Mondays and Thursdays are
at the Koorenhuis. All dance classes are in Dutch as well as in English. Aside from weekly
dance classes MounaMay Bellydance School also provides bellydance workshops, private
lessons and group performances. All classes are provided by Mouna (Loraine Mailissa) with
her 2 assistants Varsha and Natasha.

To give you an impression watch this video of Mouna ; MounaMay Group at the Theater
aan het Spui in The Hague.
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